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We produce new content every day to help people get better outcomes from the criminal justice system. Scroll through the menu below to learn more. Click on the links to access our articles.

072ReputationReputation Management
Learn how to begin restoring your reputation while you climb through different stages of the system.
071MembershipPrivate Community
Get our responses to your questions by joining our low-cost membership community.
070Early ReleaseMechanisms for Early Release
Learn about the different mechanisms that exist to qualify for an early release from federal prison.
069Projects in ZohoDocument our Services for Clients
Please use Projects to document the work we perform on behalf of the people that ask for our help.
068ManuscriptsLearn about Publishing in Prison
During this era of the First Step Act, it’s crucial to learn the value of publishing. See the BOP policy.
067FAQ NonprofitFrequently Asked Questions
People ask questions about our nonprofit, the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation
066Impact on ReentryTestimonials on Reentry Programs
We create reentry programs to teach and inspire people in jails and prisons.
065Sending MoneyHow to Send Money to Federal Prison
Learn how to send money to people in federal prison using Western Union, or the processing center.
064CorrlinksHow to Use Corrlinks
Learn how the email system works in federal prisons. Use this tool to communicate and build support.
063Trust ReviewsTrust Pilot Reviews
You want a credible team to guide you through challenging times. Our reviews may give you comfort.
062Excellence in PrisonHalim Flowers’ Story
While serving a double-life sentence, Halim Flowers maintained hope. That hope influenced his adjustment and led to his emerging as a millionaire.
061SAG-Overview LessonsStraight-A Guide Overview Lessons
Learn about our 10-part strategy to overcome adversity and prepare for success in times of challenge.
060Training on Mitigation StrategySentence Mitigation Training
Here is a lesson we use to train our team on crafting sentence-mitigation strategies.
059Sentence Mitigation WorkbookAccess our Sentence Mitigation Workbook
Learn strategies to work toward a lower sentence with our sentence mitigation workbook.
058Mitigation Prison Video ProgramThink Strategically Before Sentencing
Work toward preparing a mitigation strategy before you surrender to prison.
057Prep Before PrisonPreparing Before Prison
Get a better understanding of the journey by understanding the idiosyncrasies of living in prison.
056Top-Ten Tips Before SurrenderGet our Top Ten Tips Before Surrendering
Learn from these ideas on how to prepare for success before you surrender to prison.
055Order BooksBooks of Prison Professors
We publish books and courses to teach and inspire people who are going through the criminal justice system.
054Prison CourseSample of Prison Course on Amazon
We publish the courses we create on the Amazon platform. Short video shows the process.
053Bill McGlashanLeadership Lessons with Bill McGlashan
Bill McGlashan, one of the world’s best-known impact investors, recognizes the need to improve outcomes for people in prison. Intro to course.
052RecruitingJoin Our Team
This article helps candidates understand how they can become a member of the Earning Freedom team.
051PacerConsultants Access Pacer
Access our pacer page
050Sheridan Prison CampHolidays in Federal Prison
One of our friends surrendered to the Federal Prison Camp in Sheridan. He offers this insight about his firs holiday in prison.
049SMEWhy Hire Subject Matter Experts
Learn how subject matter experts can prepare you for a better outcome, at various stages of the journey.
048SentencingComprehensive Sentence Mitigation
Our team of subject-matter experts includes retired federal probation officers. Learn how they can help you.
047SentencingSample Sentencing Analysis
You may want an independent analysis of how a federal probation officer will assess the sentencing guidelines. Consider retaining our subject-matter experts.
046WebsitesBuild Website Before Prison
Learn the value of building a website before surrendering to prison. Start to document your journey toward reconciliation.
045Publish in PrisonHow to Publish in Prison
A policy statement to help prospective authors understand the rules about writing manuscripts in prison.
044BrochureLearn more about our Brands
Learn how our team can help you resolve challenges, regardless of what stage you’re in.
043Subject Matter ExpertLearn from our Subject Matter Experts
Our team includes people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Ask how they can add value to you.
042Our NonprofitDonations to Nonprofit
We donate $100,000 per year to create income opportunities for formerly incarcerated through our nonprofit.
041Brand PageOur Different Brands
Learn about the different brands we offer to help people at different stages of the journey
040Resource PageGet Free Resources
Access video, audio, and text files that will help you understand strategies to prepare for successful journey.
039Prison LessonsPrison Lesson Samples
See examples of the lessons we create to teach and inspire people in prison.
038Get Earning FreedomGet Earning Freedom
Get a free copy of Earning Freedom digital or audio, order the softcover copy
037Early ReleaseMemos on Compassionate Release / Elderly Offender
Article describing programs that may lead to earlier release from prison, or transition to home confinement.
036RDAP ProgramInterview on RDAP with Treatment Provider
Learn about the only program in the Bureau of Prisons that can lead to an administrative time cut—for those that qualify.
035First Step ActHome Confinement / Elderly Offender Program
Learn more about the First Step Act and two programs that could potentially lead to an early release date. See memos.
034Plea AgreementsUnderstanding Plea Agreements
At the earliest stages, a person should understand plea agreements and the implications on sentence mitigation strategies.
033MitigationExamples of Mitigation Strategies
Connect with our mitigation specialists to learn more about the mitigation strategies that we think could be successful for you.
032SentencingAdvice on Sentence Mitigation from Judges
We can learn a great deal about effective sentence-mitigation techniques by listening to federal judges.
031Mitigation StrategiesMass Incarceration and Mitigation Strategies
If a person wants to create a solid mitigation strategy, the person should work to contribute solutions that may resolve great social problems—like mass incarceration.
030Female PrisonHow to Cope at Dublin Federal Prison Camp for Women
A woman serving time inside the federal prison camp for women at Dublin, California, offers this insight.
029DesignationDesignation Basics in the Bureau of Prisons
Learn steps you can take to influence the process of designation in the Bureau of Prisons. If you understand the process, you can take steps to influence the process in your favor.
028SentencingAllocution at Sentencing
A person can work toward a lower sentence with an effective allocution strategy. This article offers insight for people that want to prepare for the lowest sentence.
027SentencingStatement of Reasons
By developing a better understanding of the Statement of Reasons, a person may engineer a mitigation strategy more effectively.
026Sentencing TutorialUnderstanding Loss Amounts
For white-collar crimes, federal judges will consider loss amounts when contemplating an appropriate sentence. Make sure to understand these concepts when crafting a mitigation strategy.
025Mindset in PrisonDevelop Mindset for Success
Going to prison can obliterate a person’s confidence. This article shows strategies to recalibrate and build strength.
024Security ScoresSecurity Scores in Prison
With more than 100 federal prisons across the United States, people should understand how administrators assign security scores–and what differentiates one prison from another.
023Disciplinary InfractionsLearn how the Disciplinary Code Works
Learn more about how the disciplinary code works, and how to avoid problems that can prolong a person’s stay.
022Staff HierarchyLearn About the Staff Hierarchy in Prison
Navigating the prison system successfully requires knowledge about the bureaucracy functions, including the staff members that operate the system.
021Custody and Classification ScoresLearn Steps to Custody and Classification
The Bureau of Prisons relies upon a complicated scoring mechanism to determine placement in the system.
020Guidance for our ClientsSee Best Outcomes You Can Pursue
Learn from the many links to videos that will help you prepare for the best possible journey ahead.
019Resources to Help YouVideos / Podcasts / Articles
If you’re striving to learn how our team can help you, this page will show the many services we offer.
018Judge VideosVideos with Judges
We’ve interviewed more than a dozen federal judges. Two of those judges responded to our questions on how to prepare for. leniency.
017Sentencing PreparationDiminished Capacity
Learn how the concept of diminished capacity may assist your mitigation efforts for a lower sentence.
016Sentencing PreparationAberrant Behavior
This article offers suggestions on how a person can use Aberrant Behavior arguments for a lower sentence.
015Loss Amount and Guidelines TableSentencing Guidelines Tables and Loss Amount
See the Guidelines Table and how loss amounts influence sentencing. Access our calendars.
014Straight-A Guide and YouStraight-A Guide and Your Preparations for Success
Learn from our proprietary system to prepare for success through the journey ahead.
013SentencingNine Questions for You Before Sentencing
Consider these nine questions before you face a sentencing hearing. If you answer well, you’re ready.
012Mitigation StrategiesDevelop Personal Mitigation Strategies
Learn about mitigation strategies at different stages of the journey. Seize every initiative to prepare for a better outcome.
011PSRLearn Lessons About PSR
The Presentence Investigation Interview offers an outstanding step to work toward a mitigation strategy. Learn how.
010Sending MoneyHow to Send Money to People in Federal Prison
The intricacies of sending money to people in federal prisons confuse many people. This article will show the way to send money to people in prison.
009Corrlinks SystemHow to Send Emails from Corrlinks
Federal prison offers a quasi email system. This article shows how to use it.
008First Step ActFirst Step Act and Compassionate Release
Learn the strategies to take advantage of the most significant prison reform law in more than 30 years. Insight from Josh Boyer.
007SurrenderingTop-Ten Tips Before Surrendering to Prison
This article offers insight that anyone should consider prior to surrendering to prison
006RDAPRDAP: An Introduction
Learn about the only program in the Bureau of Prisons that results in an objective, administrative time cut.
005Executive ClemencyGreg Reyes: Path to Pardon
Greg Reyes, the former CEO of Brocade, reveals the strategies he used to position himself for a presidential pardon.
004Sentencing GuidelinesBasics on Sentencing Guidelines
This article offers insight into sentencing guidelines, helping people that want to prepare mitigation strategies.
003Early ReleaseOptions for Early Release
This article offers a series of options people going into prison should consider about early release.
002Compassionate ReleaseCompassionate Release Article
Simple article offering insight to three factors judges consider when it comes to Compassionate Release.
001First Step ActFirst Step Act—Basics
The First Step Act advanced possibilities for compassionate release, and other reforms. Learn how to build a persuasive case for relief.

Need Answers to Your Questions?