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 How to Send Emails from Corrlinks in Federal Prison 

Michael Santos

Michael Santos

This short video offers insight into how to send and receive email while in federal prison. Before surrendering to prison, people may want to share this page with their family and friends.

Many people have questions about how they can stay connect with their loved ones while they are serving time in federal prison. There are three ways to stay connected with the world outside:

1. Send and receive mail through the U.S. postal service.

2. Make outgoing telephone calls (No incoming calls allowed)

3. Receive visits.

4. Use the Corrlinks email system.

This video shows how to send emails from Corrlinks in federal prison.

Email in federal prison differs from email in the broader community. Rather than sending emails directly, a person must send emails through a repository.

First, a person in prison must fund his or her commissary account. Then, a person must transfer funds from the commissary account to the email account. If a person has sufficient funds in the Corrlinks account, the person can send electronic mail to approved parties. It’s relatively easy to get people approved.

When a person in prison sends an electronic message through Corrlinks, the person should expect an electronic monitoring system to confirm the email message does not violate any rules.

Approximately two hours after sending the email, the email should reach the Corrlinks repository.

The intended recipient can then log into From there, the person can receive email messages that the person in prison has sent.

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