After Sentencing 


A person stands a much better chance of succeeding in any area of life when a person creates a coherent plan. The earlier a person begins to create a plan that will guide adjustment decisions after sentencing, the more qualified that person becomes to open opportunities for a higher level of liberty. The articles below may help people who need guidance after sentencing. Check back regularly, because we add new content regularly.

Understanding Plea Agreements

5Halfway House / Home ConfinementHalfway House and Reentry Program in the Bureau of Prisons
Learn from our interview with Jon Gustin, a retired administrator over the Bureau of Prisons halfway house and home confinement program (known as RRC)
4Custody and ClassificationLearn about the Custody and Classification Schedule
The Bureau of Prisons will rely upon Program Statement 5100 to assess a person’s custody scoring. That score will determine the type of prison that will hold him or her.
3BOP DirectorInterview on Designations with former BOP Director
We spoke with the former Director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz to offer more information about BOP Designations and security levels.
2Prison AdjustingPreparing Before Prison
Get basic information on the culture of confinement, and how to begin preparing for a successful journey..
1Federal ProbationWhat to know about US Federal Probation (With Subject Matter Expert)
Interview with Chris Maloney, retired US Chief of Probation for two separate jurisdictions