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A person stands a much better chance of succeeding in any area of life when a person creates a coherent plan. The earlier a person begins to create a plan that will guide adjustment decisions after sentencing, the more qualified that person becomes to open opportunities for a higher level of liberty. The articles below may help people who need guidance after sentencing. Check back regularly, because we add new content regularly.

Understanding Plea Agreements

23Federal DefenderTwo-Point Sentence Reduction
A federal judge ordered the federal defenders to represent people who want to apply for a two-point reduction. If a person was sentenced after 11/1/23, this order may be applicable.
22MailMail in Federal Prison
Watch this video to get a better understanding of the mail policy in federal prisons. Learn what you can and cannot send.
21CalculatorProject Release Dates with our Calculator
Our calculators will help members of our community understand how their adjustment in prison can influence release dates. Learn about every opportunity to get the best outcome.
20Preparing to SurrenderPreparing to Surrender Webinar
Get resources that will assist you in preparing before you surrender to prison. Watch our listen to a webinar replay for resources to help you.
19Pattern Score CalculatorUse our Calculators to Project Release Dates
The First Step Act offers opportunities for people to advance their release dates. Respond to the questions and see where you score on the Pattern Score.
18Approved FTC Programs in the BOPLearn about Programs that Can Lead to Time Cuts through Earned Time Credits
The First Step Act authorizes qualified people to earn either 10 days per month or 15 days per month off the sentence. Learn which programs qualify.
17Critical Thinking in BOPOpportunity Costs of Decisions in Federal Prison
Learn the opportunity costs of every decision inside the federal Bureau of Prisons. to advocate effectively, make good decisions that align with success.
16Meal PlansUnderstand Main Line and Common Fare Meals
The BOP offers two meal plans. One is common fare and the other is main line. People can also supplement diets with purchases from the commissary.
15Unit Management Webinar ReplayUnderstanding Unit Management in the BOP
Learn more about the different roles and how to build relationships with the Unit Manager and Case Manager in federal prison.
14FRPLearn the policy statement for FRP
In the era o the First Step Act, the Financial Responsibility Program is more essential than ever. Make sure you understand the implications.
13Send MoneyHow to Send Money to People in Federal Prison
This page shows the steps to send money to people in federal prison.
12Visiting FormAn example of the visiting form in federal prison
Use this as an example of the visiting form in federal prison. Share with family and friends so they know what to expect.
11Corrlinks SystemHow to use email system in federal prison
This video offers a simple tutorial on how to use the Corrlinks email system while in prison. People may share with their family and friends.
10Initial Adjustment Webinar ReplayInitial Adjustment Webinar
This is the third in our series to help people before they surrender to federal prison. Includes links to helpful resources.
9Webinar Replay: Disciplinary CodeWebinar Replay on Disciplinary Infractions
We produced this webinar as part of our weekly series to help people prepare for better experiences in the BOP. In this webinar, we cover the BOP disciplinary code.
8Disciplinary CodeUnderstanding the Disciplinary Code
Prepare to avoid problems with the disciplinary code by understanding Program Statement 5270 and making decisions that lessen the likelihood of problems.
7Top-Ten ChecklistView our Top-Ten Checklist Before Surrendering
People who anticipate a journey through federal prison may want to know more about how they can prepare. This top-ten checklist offers a start.
6Before SurrenderingPre-Surrendering to Prison Webinar
The well-advised person that may surrender to prison may find value in learning from this webinar we offer to members of our community.
5Halfway House / Home ConfinementHalfway House and Reentry Program in the Bureau of Prisons
Learn from our interview with Jon Gustin, a retired administrator over the Bureau of Prisons halfway house and home confinement program (known as RRC)
4Custody and ClassificationLearn about the Custody and Classification Schedule
The Bureau of Prisons will rely upon Program Statement 5100 to assess a person’s custody scoring. That score will determine the type of prison that will hold him or her.
3BOP DirectorInterview on Designations with former BOP Director
We spoke with the former Director of the Bureau of Prisons, Hugh Hurwitz to offer more information about BOP Designations and security levels.
2Prison AdjustingPreparing Before Prison
Get basic information on the culture of confinement, and how to begin preparing for a successful journey..
1Federal ProbationWhat to know about US Federal Probation (With Subject Matter Expert)
Interview with Chris Maloney, retired US Chief of Probation for two separate jurisdictions

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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