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Case Management / Unit Team

In this interactive webinar, we welcome any member of our community that anticipates a surrender to federal prison. One or more of our team members will lead the call. We will use the following outline to help participants understand the journey ahead. Knowledge is power. By understanding what’s coming, participants empower themselves, removing some fear and anxiety that can come with the unknown.

Webinar Format:

  • How to Join:
    • Through email, we’ll send a webinar link for the Zoom meeting. You may click the link to join by video or audio. Participants will receive a reminder 10 minutes before the webinar.
  • Privacy:
    • We respect anyone’s wish to remain anonymous. It is not necessary to identify yourself. People can join by audio only (without video) if they prefer; to view the screen share, they will need video. 
    • We will record the session. All participants will receive a link to the recording, which will include screen shares.
    • If you want to protect anonymity, when joining please choose an alias when joining the call (Other people may be on this group call.)
  • Meeting Schedule:
    • One or more of our team members will host the webinar. 
    • After a brief introduction, our host will follow the outline below, presenting on each topic. 
    • The outline in the left margin of this document will show the topics we intend to cover.
    • The host will ask participants to remain muted for each section of the presentation.
  • Interactions
    • Following the presentation on each section, the host will invite participants to ask questions. 
    • Participants may click the “hand” icon on the toolbar. 
      • The hand icon will let the host know that a participant has a question.
    • Participants may also leave comments or questions in the chat window by clicking the “chat” icon in the Zoom toolbar.
  • Publishing

This page will live on the following Prison Professors URLs:

  1. Prison Professors website
  2. iTunes podcast
  3. YouTube channel

Previous Webinars in Series:

Purpose of this project:

Our team will remain with you from the sentencing date, through the completion of term of Supervised Release. Look to our webinar page to learn more about steps you can take to advocate for yourself.

  • Topics we intend to discuss on the Case Management Webinar:
  1. Unit Team
  • First team within 30 days
  • Job assignment / quarters assignment
  • Designation–confirmation / transfers
  1. Unit Manager
  • Oversee staff: Department Head
  1. Write unit policy:
    1. Town Hall Meetings
    2. Procedures / Admin
  2. Mini warden
  1. Case Managers
  • Assessment Scores
  1. Pattern
  2. SPARK-13:
  1. Release Planning
    1. Transfers
    2. Progress Reports
      1. Document the journey
        1. Make the job easier for the case manager
        2. Refer to interview with Scott Finley
      2. Verification
    3. Custody and Classification
    4. Sentence Monitoring
      1. PSR
      2. Statement of Reasons
  2. Elaborate on the Stock Market Example
    1. Advocacy for one person does not mean advocacy for all
  1. Counselor
  • Visiting lists
  • Bed assignments
  • Work assignments
  1. Unit sanitation
    1. Orderlies
  2. Groups
    1. Coordinate groups
    2. Create groups
      1. Hugh Hurwitz interview 2
      2. Opportunity to build rapport and self-advocacy
  1. Second Chance Act
    1. Maximum of 12 Months in RRC
    2. Lesser of six months or 10% of the sentence: Home confinement
  1. CARES Act
    1. Pandemic Related
    2. Attorney General Memorandums
      1. Served 50% of the sentences
      2. Or have 18 months or less remaining and have served 25%
      3. Advocacy / Challenges
  1. First Step Act
    3. Earned Time Credits
      1. Qualify for 12 months off sentence
      2. Qualify for more placement on home confinement
        1. Different applications from RDAP
        2. Still in development
          1. Word toward significant reduction of time in custody
          2. Apply toward supervised release, earlier
    4. Compliance with rules and regulations
      1. FRP is a crucial factor
      2. Avoidance of disciplinary infractions
  1. Administrative Remedy
    1. Discussed previously
    2. Include pertinent documents to bolster record
    3. Compassionate release / per FSA
      1. Exhaust remedies first
      2. Sentencing judge
  1. Example:

Good morning. I had my second team meeting yesterday. According to my Case Manager, my file is complete with nothing to prevent me from being released other than the time I have to serve. 

I’m eligible for release to home confinement in February of 2023. I will have completed 25% of my sentence, and with a release date of August 2024, I’ll be within 18 months of release.

  • Based on this info, I would like for you to complete and submit a request for Compassionate Release
  • Based upon my health concerns and with COVID on the rise again and whatever this Monkey Pox is, I feel it’s the right time.
  • Please let me know what you need from me to get the ball rolling ASAP.
    • What’s wrong with the bullet points above?
  • Sentence Length: 37 months
    • 31 months with good time
  • Surrender date: Jan. 10, 2022
  • Release Date: 8/1/2024
    • 18 months will be in 2023
  1. Next Webinar
    1. TBD—Research


Group Assets:

  1. Administrative Remedy:
  2. Learn from SMEs: 
  3. Advocacy Page: 
  4. Before Sentencing Page: 
  5. After Sentencing Page:
  6. BOP Needs Assessment Programs
    2. Pattern:
    3. SPARK:

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