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 Pre-Surrender to Prison Webinar 

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Before going to prison, it may help to learn from our pre-surrender webinar. We offer this webinar to assist people and provide resources to help them make better decisions on their pathway to the best possible outcome.

Preparing to Surrender to Federal Prison

In this interactive webinar, we welcome any member of our community that anticipates a surrender to federal prison. One or more of our team members will lead the call. We will use the following outline to help participants understand the journey ahead. Knowledge is power. By understanding what’s coming, participants empower themselves, removing some fear and anxiety that can come with the unknown.

Webinar Format:

  • How to Join:
    • Through email, we’ll send a webinar link. You may click the link to join by video or audio. Participants will receive a reminder 10 minutes before the webinar.
  • Privacy:
    • We respect anyone’s wish to remain anonymous. It is not necessary to identify yourself. People can join by audio, or without video if they prefer. 
    • We will record the session. All participants will receive a link to the recording, which will include screen shares.
    • If you want to protect anonymity, when joining please choose an alias when joining the call (Other people may be on this group call.)
  • Meeting Schedule:
    • One or more of our team members will host the webinar. 
    • After a brief introduction, our host will follow the outline below, presenting on each topic. 
    • The outline in the left margin of this document will show the topics we intend to cover.
    • The host will ask participants to remain muted for each section of the presentation, and ask participants to ask questions after teach topical presentation. 
  • Interactions
    • Following the presentation on each section, the host will invite participants to ask questions. 
    • Participants may click the “hand” icon on the toolbar. The hand icon will let the host know that a participant has a question.
    • Participants may also leave comments in the chat window by clicking the “chat” icon in the lower right of the Google toolbar.
  • Topics we intend to discuss on Pre-Surrender Webinar:
  1. Resources to Learn:

Resources to Learn

  1. Locator
    1. Facilities
      1. Info on facilities
      2. A and O Handbook
      3. Commissary
  2. BOP Formulary
    1. Check for medications
    2. Provide a link:
  3. Telephone / Email / Mail
    1. Preparation
    2. Bring your list of contacts with you
  4. Admission
    1. Surrendering
    2. Commentary
  5. Quarantine where necessary
    1. How to Prepare
    2. Communication system
      1. 24 hours expect call
        1. No call
        2. Family calls institution
        3. Show family how to get number
        4. Inquire if on quarantine
  6. What happens if I’m not vaccinated for COVID?
    1. We want to get an answer to this question from an expert, nationwide.
    2. Check with SME
  7. Holding cell
    1. Handcuffs
    2. Paperwork
      1. What should we do to make sure BOP has paperwork
        1. Check with SME
    3. Explain the holding cell and what goes on
      1. Temporary
  8. Forms
    1. Understand what they are
    2. Understand the questions and your responses
      1. Lower bunk pass
      2. Soft shoe
  9. Interviews
    1. Why they’re relevant
    2. What to ask
      1. Remember that you’re creating a record
      2. Relates to job placement and so forth
  10. Search / Clothing
    1. Explain the strip search
  11. Money / Identification
    1. Explain Western Union and Money Orders and Cash
    2. Explain why to bring copies of ID so it’s in file
      1. Vaccination card
  12. Transition
    1. Moving to the Camp from the secure facility
  13. Disciplinary Infractions: What to Know
    1. Series of infractions
    2. Process and response
    3. How to avoid
  14. Orientation

Group Assets

  1. Top-Ten Checklist:
  2. How to Send Money:
  3. How to use the Corrlinks Email:
  4. Learn from SMEs:
  5. Learn about Special Requests under Cares:
  6. Advocacy Page:
  7. Before Sentencing Page:
  8. After Sentencing Page:

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