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No person wants to hear that government agencies have launched an investigation. Ordinarily, people hire lawyers to help them through such challenging times. Still, a person should learn about the system, and develop strategies that may lead to better outcomes. The articles below may help.

Read Before Sentencing:

10CalculatorProjected Release Date
This calculator will prove helpful for people who want to get an idea of when the BOP will calculate a release date.
9DesignationsLearn about Designations in the BOP
The more a person understands how the BOP will designate a person, the better a person can prepare to get to the prison that will lead to the best outcome.
8PSR PreparationGet resources to Prepare for Presentence Investigation Report
The presentence investigation report will influence the sentencing hearing, the time in prison, and access to programs that can lead to a higher level of liberty. Learn how to prepare.
7Mitigation ArcUnderstand the Mitigation Arc
Learn about every stage to sow seeds for a better outcome. Early decisions can open opportunities for an earlier release date.
6Federal Judge Stephen BoughUS District Court Judge Stephen Bough Offers Guidance on Sentencing
We spoke with US District Court Judge Stephen Bough to help others learn how they can prepare before sentencing.
5Federal Judge Mark BennettUS District Court Judge Mark Bennett Offers Guidance on Sentencing
Learn from Federal Judge Mark Bennett, who speaks with us about how to prepare before sentencing. Learn how to create better mitigation strategies.
4RDAP IntroResidential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) Intro
Learn about the only program in the Bureau of Prisons that authorizes an administrative time cut, which differs from good-time credit and Earned Time Credit.
3First Step ActAdvice on First Step Act from Former Director of the Bureau of Prisons
We interviewed the former director of the Bureau of Prisons as part of our subject-matter expert series. Learn how to use the First Step Act to your advantage.
2Federal ProbationWhat to know about US Federal Probation (with Subject Matter Expert)
Interview with Chris Maloney, retired US Chief of Probation for two separate jurisdictions.
1Sentencing GuidelinesBasics on Sentencing Guidelines
Insight into the sentencing guidelines, with links to additional resources.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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