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 Visiting Form in Federal Prison 

Michael Santos

Michael Santos

The visiting form in federal prison allows staff members to assess whether they will authorize a person to visit. If a person appears as a family member in the presentence investigation report, the staff members may authorize the person to visit without a visiting form. In most cases, staff members will require people to complete a visiting form before they will authorize visiting.

The button provides a link to a sample of the visiting form. Each institution may have specific information.

When a person surrenders to prison, the person should get the appropriate form from the assigned counselor. Then, the person may send the form from the local institution to his recipients. The recipients must send the completed form to the assigned counselor, not the person serving a prison sentence.

Staff members will use the information on the form to conduct a background check. The background check will help the staff member assess whether to authorize visiting privileges. A criminal record will not necessarily preclude someone from visiting in federal prison. It’s crucial to respond to all questions honestly. Lying on a government form is a federal offense, and it would also result in the loss of visiting privileges.

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