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Consider building a career with Earning Freedom. Build strength by helping others get the best possible outcome after a government investigation or a criminal charge.

Earning Freedom Companies:

We’re grateful that you have an interest in working with our team. We have several different brands, including:

  • Earning Freedom
  • White Collar Advice
  • Prison Professors
  • Compliance Mitigation
  • Prison Professors Charitable Corporation

If you have not done so already, please review our various websites and our YouTube channels.

If you’d like to build a career with us, we’d like you to become a member of our team.

All team members should have a good historical knowledge of our company and how we’ve been growing. Our project began back in the late 1980s when Michael first went to prison. It evolved over time. Lessons he learned while growing through 9,500 days in prisons of every security level brought us a real depth and breadth of experience.

All of our team members strive to share those lessons with people who are going through various stages of the system.

Michael and Justin met in 2009, when Justin surrendered to the Taft Federal Prison Camp to serve an 18-month sentence for violating securities laws. While Michael and Justin were together, they began collaborating to build our company. Since then, we’ve invested considerable resources to grow.

Our team now includes several people. Some of those people previously worked as lawyers, or they led companies. We also collaborate with subject-matter experts, including:

  • Former prison wardens,
  • Leaders of drug treatment programs,
  • Former probation officers.

We strive to improve outcomes for people at various stages:

·      Before a government investigation begins,

·      During the criminal justice proceedings,

·      Before sentencing,

·      After sentencing,

·      While in prison,

·      After a person returns to society.

Please start with us by learning about our history. The link below provides access to the following book:

Earning Freedom will provide you with a good understanding of what we’re building and how you can contribute.

The link above provides access to the digital version of Earning Freedom. If you prefer to listen, then you may click on the audio versions and listen while you drive or exercise. You may access the audio links by scrolling down the page of the link above.

After you finish reading the book, please give us a sample of your writing. You may write anonymously, or you may write under your name. We’d like you to write an essay of between 500 and 1,000 words that responds to the following questions:

  • What experience do you have with the criminal justice system?
  • What lessons does Earning Freedom offer about getting best outcomes after a challenge from the criminal justice system?
  • How can Earning Freedom help people at various stages of the criminal justice system?

We will publish your essay on our website at Prison Professors—either under an anonymous name or under your name, at your choice.

The next step will be to provide you with a paid assignment, which will be to go through our basic course:

  • The Straight-A Guide

It’s essential that you understand our process, and what differentiates us from others.

Our company provides income opportunities for people that have gone through the criminal justice system. We’d welcome you to our team. But we must know that you’re committed to learning our process. Learning begins with a full understanding of our history. We’re looking to add people that have:

  • Exceptional writing skills,
  • Exceptional editing skills,
  • Exceptional critical-thinking skills,
  • Exceptional verbal communication skills,
  • Exceptional graphic-arts skills,
  • Exceptional marketing skills,
  • Exceptional legal skills.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to reviewing your contribution, and we wish you success on your journey.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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