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 Compassionate Release 

Michael Santos

Michael Santos

People facing a sentencing hearing should understand why it’s so crucial to begin documenting a story early. Your story may lead to a compassionate release.

Build Your Story for Compassionate Release

Three Factors

With passage of the First Step Act, people in federal prison have an opportunity petition the court for compassionate release. In the past, only the Bureau of Prisons could move for compassionate release. Learn three factors that judge must consider:

  • Both extraordinary and compelling reasons to warrant compassionate release.
  • Policy statements by the US Sentencing Commission
  • Factors under 18 USC Section 3553

At the end of the day, a person cannot change the past. Yet a person can start sowing seeds for a better outcome. We encourage people to learn how to document their story. Their story may move a judge (or a prison warden) that a person is worthy of compassionate release.

Here is an article with more details to consider:

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