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Michael Santos

Michael Santos

For more elaborate article on the Basics of US Sentencing Guidelines, loss amounts, and access to our calculators, please visit the link below.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines Table

Loss amounts that may increase levels on the vertical scale:

Anyone can look at the United States Sentencing Commission website to get a better understanding of the sentencing guidelines. Section 2B1.1 includes information on how dollar amounts influencing sentencing.

  • Base Offense Level: 7 if (A) the defendant was convicted of an offense referenced to this guideline; and (B) that offense of conviction has a statutory maximum term of imprisonment of 20 years or more; or
  • 6, otherwise
  • Specific offense characteristics: consult the table below, or click this link to access source material we used.
  1. A) $6,500 or less—there is no increase in the level
  2. B) Greater than $6,500—increase by 2
  3. C) Greater than $15,000—increase by 4
  4. D) Greater than $40,000—increase by 6
  5. E) Greater than $95,000—increase by 8
  6. F) Greater than $150,000—increase by 10
  7. G) Greater than $250,000—increase by 12
  8. H) Greater than $550,000—increase by 14
  9. I) Greater than $1,500,000—increase by 16
  10. J) Greater than 3,500,000—increase by 18
  11. K) Greater than 9,500,000—increase by 20
  12. L) Greater than 25,000,000—increase by 22
  13. M) Greater than $65,000,000—increase by 24
  14. N) Greater than $150,000,000—increase by 26
  15. O) Greater than $250,000,000—increase by 28
  16. P) More than $550,000,000—increase by 30

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