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Our Nonprofit

Through our nonprofit, Prison Professors Charitable Corporation (PPCC), we create solutions in response to the collateral consequences of mass incarceration. We strive to help all justice-impacted people and those within the criminal justice system understand the importance of self-advocacy and self-development. All of our books and courses teach people how to teach themselves.

We teach people how to teach themselves

Prison Professors Charitable Corporation

In 2021, our for-profit company, Earning Freedom, became PPCC’s first customer. In 2023, we began building Prison Professors Talent to profile the ways that people in our community work to prepare for success after prison.

PPCC uses the following model:

  • Distribute digital learning courses to people in jails and prisons, helping those people learn how to prepare for law-abiding, tax-paying lives upon release.
  • Create income opportunities to help formerly incarcerated people transition into the job market or create their careers.
  • Develop relationships with subject-matter experts and prison officials that will use our resources to help justice-impacted people.
  • Strive to contract with employers that will purchase services from the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation.
  • Generate resources to pay justice-impacted people as independent contractors for their writing services.

Consistent with our motto of not asking anyone to do what we’re not doing, Earning Freedom, our for-profit entity, has been the first customer of PPCC. Since the launch of our non-profit, Earning Freedom has purchased labor services from PPCC.

In 2022, PPCC will strive to open relationships with more businesses and individuals to support our mission. Below we publish a table showing all of the contributions we’ve received.

We’ve published this page in response to frequently asked questions:

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: $20,000 Donation

In 2017, a leader at the California Department of Corrections had the courage to bring our programs into the state’s prison system.

As a result of support from leaders at CDCR, Earning Freedom has produced more than 200 hours of educational content to teach and inspire people in prison. Every person in the State of California’s prison system can access our courses.

On November 4, 2021, our company, Earning Freedom, received a $20,000 check from the State of California as compensation for those programs. Earning Freedom used 100% of those resources to pay wages to justice-impacted people that derive an income from the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation.

$20,000 Payment from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

PPCC uses those resources to support our mission of preparing more people in prison for law-abiding, contributing lives upon release. We never ask anyone to do anything that we’re not doing. And we’re working to be the change that we want to see in the world.

The Mission of our Nonprofit

We thank all of the courageous educators and leaders at #CDCR. They allow us to make a bigger impact on society and be the change we want to see in the world. We share what we’ve learned from leaders.

Together, along with all of the sponsors that support our work, we hope to improve outcomes for justice-impacted people and to build safer communities.

We’re grateful to all the people who have contributed resources to our nonprofit. We use these resources to further the nonprofit’s mission, which includes:

  1. Creating a library of digital courses that administrators can use to teach and inspire people in jails and prisons.
  2. Create distribution systems so that more people in jails and prisons across the nation can learn how to overcome the challenges that accompany a criminal charge.
  3. Provide income streams for justice-impacted people that work with PPCC.
  4. Build awareness of the injustices of mass incarceration and the collateral consequences.
  5. Use social media to create awareness of why mass incarceration hurts people at every level of our society.
  6. Create social media campaigns that lessen the collateral consequences of mass incarceration.
  7. Create bridges that help more formerly incarcerated people transition into the job market, or to reach their highest potential as law-abiding, contributing citizens.

The table below shows the contributions we’ve received from others, as well as the contributions that our small company, Earning Freedom, has made to sustain the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation—a 501c3 nonprofit.

Please contact us today if you’d like to contribute. Click here to see our letter from the IRS.

Record of Financial Resources to Support our Mission

DateSourceFinancial Contribution From
Financial Contribution From
Our Company
8/04/23Earning Freedom Corp$15,000
7/17/23Earning Freedom Corp$15,000
6/09/23Anonymous Donor$36,500
3/26/23Anonymous Donor (Currency)$5,000
10/07/22Anonymous Donor$3,500
10/03/22Anonymous Donor$10,000
9/27/22Anonymous Donor$5,000
8/29/22Anonymous Donor$3,500
7/29/22Earning Freedom Corp$50,000
07/18/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
07/01/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
06/14/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
05/31/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
05/06/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
04/22/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
04/18/22Anonymous Sponsor$25,000
04/08/22Anonymous Contractor$75,000
04/08/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
03/18/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
02/28/22Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
02/08/22Anonymous Donor$25,000
02/04/22Earning Freedom Corp$20,000
01/31/22Earning Freedom Corp$20,000
01/04/22Anonymous Donor$200,000
12/31/21Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
12/23/21Anonymous Donor$25,000
12/16/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
12/12/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
12/10/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
12/01/21Earning Freedom Corp$25,000
11/13/21EDS Holding Company$30,000
11/12/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
11/05/21Earning Freedom Corp$5,000
11/04/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
11/03/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
10/27/21Earning Freedom Corp$20,000
10/15/21Earning Freedom Corp$10,000
08/17/21EDS Holding Company$12,500
07/23/21Schmuel Jewish Foundation$20,000
07/09/21Community Foundation$10,000
06/15/21EDS Holding Company$12,500
06/07/21James Patterson$25,000
01/15/21EDS Holding Company$10,000
2020Earning Freedom Corp (initial capital)$10,000
2021Total 2021 receipts$145,000$145,000
2022Total 2022 receipts$382,000$315,000
2023Total 2023 receipts$41,500$30,000
Cumulative Resources Contributed:$568,500$500,000
Total Amount received: $1,068,500

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