Michael Santos 

 Journal Entries 


March 31, 2024 Mentorship Matters

The Wellness Way

March 30, 2024 The Wellness Way


March 29, 2024 Community Connections

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

March 28, 2024 The Entrepreneurial Spirit 

New Horizons

March 27, 2024 New Horizons 

The Triumph of Tenacity

March 26, 2024 The Triumph of Tenacity

Prison taught me many lessons during the 26 years that I served

March 25, 2024 Prison taught me many lessons during the 26 years that I served.

Empowerment Through Education

March 24, 2024 Empowerment Through Education 


March 23, 2024 Rebuilding Life


March 22, 2024 Breaking Free


March 21, 2024 The Power of a Positive Path


March 20, 2024 Second Chances 


March 19, 2024 From Constraints to Creativity 


March 18, 2024 The Reentry Blueprint 


March 17, 2024 Resilience Reimagined

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