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We’re grateful to the Correctional Education Association (CEA) for opportunities to interact with people that work to teach people in jails and prisons across America. The videos below features interactions we had with leaders of prison education systems, and with people that benefited from those teachings in the California Department of Corrections.

With Dr. Brant Choate, Director of Rehabilitation at CDCR

Dr. Brant Choate had the courage to bring Prison Professors’ programs into the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation back in 2017. Since then, thousands of people have worked through the Prison Professors programs. We strive to help people in prison learn how and why they can begin preparing for success upon release.

George Smith, Gang Leader to Success Story

George Smith was once serving a life sentence in state prison. While incarcerated, he transformed his life. Learn more about his inspiring story by watching his 30-minute presentation during the finale of the CEA Leadership Forum in Long Beach.

Kimberly Martin, Extraordinary Teacher with CDCR

Kimberly Martin is an amazing teacher, showing how much she cares about the people she inspires at the California Department of Corrections.

Aaron Kinzel, Juvenile Justice to Ph.D. Candidate and Reformer

Aaron Kinzel devotes his career to helping people in jails and prisons prepare for law-abiding, successful lives upon release.

Allen Burnett: Reformer after Life Sentence in CDCR

While serving a life sentence in the CDCR, Allen Burnett chose to focus on programs that would prepare him for a law-abiding, contributing life upon release..

Ana Mondet Leads People in Prison with Education

Ana Mondet devotes her career to helping people in prison develop skills that will translate into success upon release. She is the principal at the Donovan prison in San Diego.

Andrea Buttross Connects Educators with Resources

Andrea Buttross serves as part of the CEA leadership team. I’m grateful for her help in coordinating my booth to connect with stakeholders.

Cory Heizenrader Offers Innovative Tools to Teach

Cory Heizenrader created a virtual-reality experience that can make learning fun for people in prison, and also for those who teach courses that lead to employment upon release.

Jeff Stein Earns Freedom from a Life Sentence

Jeff Stein began a life sentence without much hope and with a lot of skepticism. A commitment from teachers helped him to transform his life and earn his freedom. Now he devotes his life to helping others.

Alyssa Tucker and Jenaw Holtz with Kids First Foundation

This nonprofit helps children and adults overcome the challenges and fallout of abuse. They’re brining their programs into jails and prisons as a community service.

Patrick O’Brien, of CDCR, Creates Resources for Teachers

On a personal level, I’m grateful to Patrick O’Brien and his colleagues for helping me learn more about designing curriculums and other resources for teachers.

Randall Farmer Devotes his Career to Teaching Juveniles

Wanting to help more juveniles prepare for lives of meaning and relevance and contribution, Randall Farmer looks for resources.

SimLog Offers Innovative Teaching Resources

With SimLog, people in prison can learn skills that will position them for high-paying jobs upon release, and I was grateful to learn.

Stacy Kozlozki, an Exceptional Teacher at CDCR San Louis Obispo

Stacy shows her concern for people in prison, and for others, with her enthusiasm and coaching along the way–in academics and in pickleball.

Tesla Transports Tools for Prison Reform

With much gratitude to people that teach in prison, I now transport tools for prison reform with a new Tesla Model S, and love the “Yoke” steering.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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