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Meet our Diverse Team of Talented Contributors

Our talented team members faced challenges with government investigations. Despite struggles, they emerged successfully. We can help you work toward the best possible outcomes.

Tulio Cardozo
IT Professional
Bad decisions as a young man led Tulio into a government investigation. While serving a lengthy prison term, Tulio trained himself to program computers. By mastering self-directed learning techniques, he emerged as an IT professional and works with our team designing CRM systems.
Dr. Al Dirschberger
Dr. Al Dirschberger has worked as an educator and a social worker for longer than 40 years. He has extensive experience with government investigations and the costs that accompany those decisions. He is available for consultations, and also writes from prison.
Rich Folk
Private Equity
Rich Folk, of Savi Collaborative, oversees consumer-service businesses that generate more than $25 million in revenues. Rich hired our team to learn how business decisions can lead to investigations. Together, we created training programs for all new hires. Rich’s team invested in our company.
carlos fiero
Carlos Fiero
Former Lawyer
After earning an undergraduate degree from Amherst College, Carlos continued to advance his education by enrolling in law school. He built a career in government service, working for Senator John McCain’s staff. Carlos has extensive expertise in government investigations.
Place Holder
Former Member
We offer income opportunities for justice-impacted people. Once they have new opportunities, we encourage them to recalibrate and rebuild.
mohammad munir
Mohammad Munir

Business Professional

Mohammad earned his MBA at the Harvard Business School. He built a career in business development working for global corporations. Despite challenges, he will soon begin law school at Columbia University. Mohammad volunteers with our team to help with product development.
Place Holder

Former Member

We offer income opportunities for justice-impacted people. Once they have new opportunities, we encourage them to recalibrate and rebuild.
Justin Paperny
Former Stock Broker
Justin Paperny earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California. As a stockbroker, he built a career with Merrill Lynch and UBS. A government investigation led to a prison term, and to recalibration. Justin is a founder of White Collar Advice.
Dr. Gregg Petty
Former Physician
Dr. Petty has extensive experience as a healthcare professional, surgeon, and owner of a medical clinic. He understands healthcare law, and how business decisions can lead to government investigations. Dr. Petty’s expertise helps healthcare professionals make better decisions.
jeremy rankins
JereMy Rankings
Business Owner
Jere’My is a licensed mental health counselor with a distinct niche in helping people turn their minor setbacks into major comebacks. After his release from prison, he had an overwhelming desire to help motivated individuals recover from life’s challenges and build for promising futures.
Bradley Rouse
Theater Artist
Brad Rouse earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard. An expert communicator and performing artist, he won the Louis Sudler Prize. As an award-winning theater artist, Brad developed exceptional writing skills, and personal knowledge of government investigations.
juan ribas
Juan Ribas
Former CEO 
Juan Ribas earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Denver. For longer than a quarter-century, he worked as an insurance executive, leading three separate companies as CEO. Juan has extensive experience with government investigations and the FCPA.
travis richey
Travis Richey
Hedge Funds/PE
Travis Richey earned an MBA from the University of Miami. While working in private equity and with hedge funds, Travis built expertise advising businesses with revenues in 8 to 9 figures. With extensive experience, he helps people develop best practices to avoid government investigations.on.
Malik Wade
Life Coach
Malik reinvented himself while serving 14-years, making him an asset to any business. He became an author and a content creator. Scholarship programs at Stanford and Berkeley groomed Malik to teach others. He now serves as executive director of Scholastic Interest Group mentoring.
bo wilson
Bo Wilson
Venture Capital
Bo Wilson, CEO of Pandora Marketing, retained our team to develop a training program for his staff of more than 100 people. He liked the process so much that he provided venture funding to train on best practices and to help business leaders avoid government investigations.
Michael Santos
Biz Development
Michael Santos made bad decisions as a young man, and a judge sentenced him to 45 years in federal prison. While incarcerated, Michael earned an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree, and published more than a dozen books. He is a founder of Prison Professors and other ventures.

We’re super proud of the team we’re building at Prison Professors. Regardless of what challenges you’re striving to overcome, we offer a few basic tenants to consider:

Start by Defining Success

We all have to live in the world as it exists, not as we want it to be. Although none of us can change the past, each of us can work toward making the most of what we have.

Document Your Strategy

Once we define success, we need a clear strategy that will take us from the challenging times we’re in. We can assess our strategy daily, making sure that we’re doing everything within our power to succeed.

Create Tools / Tactics / Resources

If we define success, and we know the strategy, we must use all of our resources to create the tools, the tactics, and the resources that will help us bridge the gap.

Measure Progress Daily

When we know where we want to be in the months, years, and decades ahead, we can measure our progress each day to ensure that we’re on the right course, making adjustments when necessary.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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