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Tulio Cardozo is an amazing resource for our team at both Prison Professors and at Compliance Mitigation. I’m Michael Santos, and I’d like to share my experience of working with him.

Podcast Episode with Tulio Cardozo

After concluding 25 years in federal prison, I transitioned to a halfway house in 2012. The halfway house was located in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, which is only a short walk away from the famed financial district. Various mentors connected me to Chris Redlitz, a venture capitalist who also had an interest in prison reform. Chris and his wife, Beverly, founded The Last Mile, a program that began inside the walls of San Quentin.

Since I had gone to prison in 1987, long before the Internet began, Chris understood that I would need some help understanding technology. He introduced me to Tulio, and we became very good friends right away.

I had enormous respect from Tulio from the start. Like I had done, Tulio had made some bad decisions as a young man. While in prison, he made a decision to transform his life. Tulio taught himself how to code computers. Despite not having access to computers or the Internet, by immersing himself in books, he taught himself to program in various computer languages. He got out of prison a few months before me, and he spent time working in technology.

Tulio worked to improve my knowledge of Word Press and other technology platforms. For longer than seven years, we’ve worked together to build numerous websites. I can attest to his professionalism and his knowledge of technology. By working closely together with Tulio, we’ve launched websites that have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenues, and I learn from him every time we work together.

Tulio’s expertise contributes to both Prison Professors and Compliance Mitigation websites, and we rely upon his expertise to build CRM systems for clients that hire us to build compliance programs that will protect them against government investigations.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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