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White Collar Advice:

White Collar Advice, our premier brand, offers one-on-one consulting for clients that want to work with our experts. Justin Paperny leads a team of highly qualified mitigation-experts, writers, and consultants. Together, by working collaboratively, they engineer a workable plan to restore confidence. As a result of the time commitment, services at White Collar Advice begin in the $3,000 range.

Prison Professors:

Prison Professors, our education brand, provides digital content in the form of daily audio podcasts, YouTube videos, books, and blogs. We offer this information without charge to consumers. Despite lacking financial resources, a person can invest time to listen to our programming to get a better understanding of judicial proceedings, sentencing, or prison.

Resilient Courses:

Resilient Courses provides our clients with self-directed learning programs. We offer several courses, including:

  • A sentence-mitigation course to build well-documented records of community contributions.
  • A sentencing-preparation course to create compelling, first-person narratives to influence a sentencing hearing.
  • A course on writing effective campaigns that generate appropriate character-reference letters.
  • Courses on pro se litigation to teach on how to write habeas corpus and clemency petitions.

We also offer consulting services from our experts on an hourly basis.

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  3. Case study on how our client, Steadman got home confinement, rather than the six years of prison that prosecutors wanted.
  4. Case study on how our client Mario maneuvered his way to release after two years when prosecutors wanted ten years.
  5. Case study on how Alec restored confidence by working with our team to publish a book and course that assisted him in rebuilding his career after a criminal conviction. 

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