The Power Of Storytelling At Your Federal Sentencing

Storytelling At Your Federal Sentencing At Prison Professors, we interviewed Federal District Court Judges Mark Bennett and Stephen Bough about what factors they consider at a federal sentencing. These accomplished jurists both said that what matters is less about the attorney’s legal arguments and more about the reasons for why the federal defendant committed the […]


Private Equity Investor and CEO Surrenders to Federal Prison

Nicholas Mitsakos Prepares for Federal Prison Authorities charged Nicholas Mitsakos with a crime related to securities fraud. He graduated from USC and he earned an MBA from Harvard. Despite those impressive credentials, he now must prepare to serve a 30-month sentence in federal prison. In today’s episode, Nicholas describes the dark feelings that accompanied his […]


Justin Paperny: Prison Advice for White Collar Offenders

Justin Paperny: Prison Advice for White Collar Offenders Justin Paperny is a co-founder of Prison Professors. He leads our marketing and consulting divisions. Justin Paperny went to federal prison after he pleaded guilty to violating securities laws. As a graduate of the University of Southern California, Justin, and a licensed stockbroker, Justin didn’t have insight. […]


First Day in the Federal Prison Camp For Women at Victorville

By Holli Coulman, Associate Prison Professor After enduring the last year between entering my plea and sentencing, THE most fateful day of my life, October 5, 2015 the day I self-surrendered to federal prison Camp, had finally arrived. By federal prison, I mean the Satellite Prison Camp at the Federal Correctional Complex Victorville in Adelanto, […]

Michael G. Santos M y name is Michael Santos and I am 100% transparent. During the 26 years that I served in prisons of every security level, I interviewed hundreds of individuals and wrote their stories. Without exception, individuals who did not come from a “criminal lifestyle” expressed regret that they did not know more about the criminal justice system prior to surrendering to prison. Examples of some high-profile individuals with whom I have worked include:

  • Greg Reyes
    • Former Chairman and CEO of Brocade Communications Systems
  • Andris Pukke
    • Founder and former CEO of Ameridebt
  • Lee Nobmann
    • Founder and former CEO of Golden State Lumber
  • Bob Brennan
    • Founder and former CEO of First Jersey Securities

Each of those individuals emerged from their experience with their dignity in tact, overcoming the challenges that accompanied a criminal prosecution. At Prison Professor, we empower our clients and we can help you.

The lessons I wrote for Prison Professor, the webinars that I lead, and the consulting on sentence-mitigation that our team provides are predicated on what I learned. In this “blog” section of Prison Professor, I will review cases the Department of Justice has brought against white-collar offenders. Then I will offer commentary on the cases and provide suggestions on what the defendant should consider. I will also write how the type of effective, deliberate strategies that we teach through Prison Professor leads to the restoration of peace and confidence for defendants and the family members of defendants.

If you are being charged with a white collar crime, or you are a defense attorney who represents individuals who have been charged with white collar crimes, then review the free sample lessons that we make available.

We’re the best in the world at preparing individuals who have been targeted with a criminal prosecution. We offer a money-back guarantee and generous referral fees for defense attorneys. If a prospective client finds someone else with more qualifications or experience than I have in preparing an individual for the challenges that accompany a prosecution, then I will pay the consulting fee.