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Click the link below to watch 15 videos that will help you prepare for leniency if you’re facing a sentencing hearing: Watch Videos through this link

Our team at Prison Professors provides resources you can use to get a better outcome. To show our appreciation for your engagement, we offer additional resources you can access now for free:


You may not have time to read lengthy articles or watch videos. For that reason, we’ve created two podcasts. Learn more about how to prepare for government investigations, sentencing, prison, or succeeding after prison by subscribing to our podcasts:

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Daily Journal:

If you or a loved one anticipate time in federal prison, consider learning how to journal. While climbing through 26 years in prisons of every security level, leaders taught me the importance of making disciplined, deliberate decisions. Every decision we make has ancillary consequences, opening opportunities for growth, or threatening prospects for success. The link below will provide you with free access to a sample journal that can help you prepare for success:

Free Books for You:

Ten-Steps to Prepare for Success

We offer a great course for anyone that anticipates the possibility of time in prison, or for people that are serving time in prison. See a free digital version of the course, Ten Steps to Prepare for Success with the following link:

Video Interviews:

While going through the challenge of a government investigation, facing the prospect of a sentencing hearing, or anticipating time in prison, people can feel pressure. Learn strategies that others used to prepare for success while going through difficult times. The interviews below show that although we can face challenges, we all have the strength within to position ourselves for a better outcome:

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Need Answers to Your Questions?

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