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 Hiring Subject Matter Experts 

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Our Subject Matter Experts and Mitigation

When authorities bring a criminal charge against a person, that person should take every step necessary to prepare for the best possible outcome. To start, learn about the process. For those who have the time, energy, and resources, it may make sense to bring subject-matter experts on the team.

To provide our clients with the best possible service, our team at Prison Professors offers insight from retired wardens, retired substance-abuse treatment providers, and retired federal probation officers.

What do they offer? A lot!

Let’s use an analogy from business. If a person wants to engage in a complicated business acquisition, that person would likely invest in due diligence. That means he would consult with:

  • People in the supply chain
  • Labor market experts
  • Land specialists
  • Government officials
  • Competitors

The more information the person could get, the more confident a person would feel in putting together a plan that would lead to the best possible outcome.

A subject-matter expert cannot change the past. The value, however, would come from an understanding of the factors that go into decisions. People that build careers in a government agency want to work with like-minded people. They have a mutual respect. They can provide insight to each other.

For that reason, we always recommend that our clients consider hiring a subject-matter expert to broaden their understanding of the journey ahead. Bringing a retired probation officer to the team can bring many benefits, including:

  • Creating an alternative pre-sentence investigation report
  • Creating a sentencing analysis
  • Advising on steps to take early to prepare a pathway for early termination of supervised release.

Those types of resources helped members of our team. For that reason, we’re confident they can help others.

Links below will show the type of work to expect from a qualified subject-matter expert.

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