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Need Answers to Your Questions?

You’re a good person. In your entire life, you never fathomed that authorities would bring charges against you or your loved ones. Create your pathway to get the best outcomes.

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We provide guidance to work through problems you or a loved one may encounter.

We’ll do our best to respond to your questions, showing the strategies we devised to work through challenges. Examples of questions that may surface include:


  • How will this charge influence my career or earning power?
  • What will my employer say?
  • What will my lenders and bankers do?


  • How do I hire a lawyer?
  • How do I know if my lawyer is doing a good job?
  • What can I do to hold my lawyer accountable?


  • What happens next?
  • What kind of sentence will I get?
  • What if I go to prison?


  • How can I help my loved one in prison?
  • How do I help when my loved one gets released?
  • What can I do if my loved one is having problems?


  • How do I coordinate a transfer?
  • How do I prepare for compassionate release?
  • How do I launch a petition in court?
  • How do I oversee my business interests from prison?

Grow stronger and get a course of action when you listen to our responses to your questions. We know the stress that comes with any type of altercation with law enforcement. It doesn’t matter if you see flashing red lights behind you after you’ve gone through a yellow light. Stress will follow.

Imagine how that stress level elevates when you know that you’ve been drinking, and you may be facing charges for a DWI.

What can you do to minimize the fallout from that charge?

Get answers to your questions!
  • What if you’re charged with a crime that can take your liberty away? Think about the steps you can take to ease the burden on your family and on you.
  • What if you or a loved one face challenges while going through different aspects of the system? Our team can help you. We’ve been through the challenges and we’ve overcome the challenges.
Learn from a 26-year odyssey through federal prison

I’m Michael Santos with Prison Professors. Experience gives me confidence that you would make better decisions—and get better outcomes—if you become more aware of options.

You may not even know the options available to you at various stages of the journey. Further, you may not have a source of information that can help you understand those options.

Ask me how I know!

As a young man, I made really bad decisions. Those bad decisions led me into the cross hairs of law enforcement.

  • I broke the law.
  • People with whom I broke the law got caught.
  • People told the authorities about my involvement in the crime.
  • Authorities began to investigate me.
  • Federal authorities arrested me.
  • Federal prosecutors brought charges against me.
  • I hired a lawyer.
  • I went to trial.
  • I perjured myself on the stand.
  • A jury convicted me.

At every one of those stages, I made bad decisions out of ignorance. I didn’t know where to turn for good information. Many people told me what I wanted to hear rather than what I needed to hear.

If I would have understood more, I could have used better critical-thinking skills. Although I could not have changed the bad decisions that brought me into the system, if I understood my options, I could have mitigated my exposure to sanctions.

We want to help you make better decisions.

Prison Professors
  • We help people restore confidence by giving them our responses to their questions.
  • We help people make better decisions as they interact with their lawyers.
  • We offer suggestions to show options people can consider at various stages of the process.
  • We bring a sense of peace by preparing people to overcome challenges that follow.
  • We help people develop their blueprints to recalibrate after a challenge.
Jerry reveals how learning more led to a better outcome through the process

Grow stronger and stop the feeling of helplessness by learning how to advocate for the best possible outcome. To get a better outcome, someone has to do the work. You may have a lawyer that will fight courageously on your behalf. Yet if you don’t know the steps that you can take, you will never feel the peace.

If you want free information of a general nature, we encourage you to visit:

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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