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Every person should understand strategies to work toward better outcomes at sentencing. We’re always offering mitigation training to our team.

The audio file below shows how we work to help people consider solutions from the perspective of stakeholders.

Mitigation Arch:

People going into the criminal justice system should think about building mitigation strategies that will serve them at different stages of the journey. The strategy at one stage will open opportunities at later stages of the arch a mitigation strategy, that person should begin by thinking about the various stakeholders. That isn’t easy to do. It’s much easier to think about our perspective, our what intentions we had. But no one cares. For that reason, crafting a mitigation strategy requires a lot of introspection. One exercise that can help would be to respond to the following 10 questions. How would you answer?

  1. What thoughts do my victims have about me?
  2. How will I measure progress toward the goals that I’m setting?
  3. In what ways will my behavior after the conviction differentiate me from other defendants?
  4. Why does your mitigation strategy show that you understand the severity of your crime and the victims that suffer because of the crime?
  5. What was the impetus that changed my mindset?
  6. How did you go about building a plan that would lead you to become the person you aspire to become?
  7. Where will your plan take you in five years?
  8. What reason does the judge have to consider an alternative sanction, such as probation or community service?
  9. Help us understand why you see yourself as being worthy of mercy.
  10. Talk about a role model, or mentor, and reveal how that role model or mentor influences your thoughts.

If you can answer the above questions easily, then you may be on the way to influencing a more positive outcome.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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