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If a judge sentenced you (or a loved one) to prison, it’s troubling. This site will offer guidance and examples on how to use time in prison productively.

The more you know about the challenges ahead, the more you empower yourself to thrive. For free information, we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel or our iTunes podcast. You’ll get access to new information every day.

Since we call our team “Prison Professors,” we’ll extend the analogy of a university:

  • While you were in school, you didn’t only study one course. To reach your highest human potential, educators encouraged you to develop a depth and breadth of information. They recommended books in the library to help you master specific subjects. They encouraged you to read literature from a wide variety of experts. 

Invest 10,000 hours and you will become an expert in any subject. You could even become an expert at overcoming the challenge of a prison sentence. The key will be in your preparations before you go to prison, and the commitment you make while you’re inside.

It’s never too early, and it’s never too late to start preparing. Start by developing your critical thinking skills further.

As human beings, we develop critical thinking skills by broadening our understanding. The more you know about the environment you’re going into, the more competent you will navigate it successfully.

Seek First to Understand

You should know and understand that not all prisons are the same. And not all people in prison experience the same level of success. To thrive through prison and get the best possible outcome, identify what success means to you. Start by asking yourself what the best possible outcome would be for you if you were to go into prison. 

Respond to that question, and you will have taken the first essential step to master prison: you will have defined success. Once you define success, follow the plan we offer in our course, Ten Steps to Succeed from Prison

  1. Document your strategy to succeed.
  2. Create your tools, tactics, and resources that will help you succeed.
  3. Measure your progress every day.

We call that three-part strategy a pathway to becoming the CEO of your life. You can use that strategy to achieve a higher potential, regardless of where you are.

As you will see throughout our curriculum, I used that strategy to empower myself while climbing through 26 years in federal prison. The process helped me succeed in the way that I defined success—pursuing the best possible outcome, given the predicament resulting from bad decisions I began to make as a teenager. 

Explore our website, our YouTube channel, or our podcast if you want to learn more about my journey, or what qualifies our team at Prison Professors to help you. You’ll get ideas to think about how you’re going to get the best experience from this journey.

Start with the following questions:

What are you going to do while you’re in prison?

What is the best possible outcome for you?

How will you define success?

In what ways have you documented your strategy?

What tools, tactics, and resources can you create during the journey?

How will you measure the growth you’re making every day?

The more time you invest in answering those questions, the more effective you will be at restoring confidence and self-esteem.

Architect Your Plan for Success:

If you want to architect your plan for personal development while in prison, then you’ve got to start thinking like an architect. What does an architect do before he or she starts drawing plans for a building?

Most likely, the architect will go through a series of preliminary steps. For example, the architect may survey the landscape. He will want to know more about the soil and what it will hold. He will want to know about access to utilities. He will want to know about the space he has available. Then, he may also study the demographics of the area. By learning more about the environment and how others interact with the surroundings, the architect will be in a better position to plan for the best and highest use of the building. 

An architect understands that he cannot draft a single set of plans and expect those plans to work in every project. There may be some principles to follow, but each set of plans will accommodate the specific project.

Similarly, when to draft plans for your successful journey through a prison term, you will have to take many considerations into account. 

Our team at Prison Professors offers considerable amounts of information that will help you prepare for a journey. As you can see through our various channels, we give away more information than we sell. Nevertheless, we’re confident that you will reach a higher level of success if you work through our books, our courses and if you bring our mitigation experts onto your team. Yet that is a choice only you can make. Just remember that it’s never too early, and it’s never too late to begin preparing for a better outcome from prison.

Let us know what you want to achieve, and we’ll offer suggestions that you can use. Those suggestions will be within your budget. Start with the free information that we produce every day. If you do not recognize us as experts that will bring enormous value to your life, then we would not be a good fit to work together.

We will never ask you to do anything that we did not do while going through the prison system. We’re still using the strategies and lessons we teach in our lives today. 

We’re Not the Right Fit for Everyone

We do not offer boilerplate information, and we’re not the right fit for everyone. We pursue excellence.

When we work with someone through our individual, one-on-one consulting programs, we expect our clients to work alongside us. To build strength, confidence, and restore self-esteem, a person has to want to do the work. We can show a person the way, but the person has to want to walk the path.

Prepare for the best outcome through prison. Read through all of our content to grow stronger. You can also watch all of our videos. You can listen to all of our podcasts. Your investment of time will give you strength. You will learn more about the prison operates. You will learn about the stakeholders of the prison system. By understanding those stakeholders, you will empower yourself to thrive through prison. You will emerge with your dignity intact, ready to embark upon the next chapter of your life.

Working through our programs at Prison Professors will not cost you anything more than your time.

If you want expert guidance, you may want to start with a small investment, such as buying one of our books or courses. If you want a more interactive experience, you may wish to enroll in our interactive mastermind group, where you can participate in our live webinars. A well-qualified member of our team will be available on those interactive Facebook sessions to respond to your questions.

Before you spend a penny with us, familiarize yourself with the content we offer. It’s authentic, based upon a well-documented pathway to success from prison.

I am Michael Santos, and I guarantee that you will grow stronger and more confident if you work through any of the Prison Professors’ digital programs. Starting at $25, we consider them inexpensive. Yet if you spend a penny with us on any of our digital programs, and you do not feel that you’ve received 10x the value, then we will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

We wish you success on your journey.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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