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 High Security Prisons 

Michael Santos

Michael Santos

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In high-security prisons, people lose hope. I remember those earlier years of my journey. In 1985, when I was 20, I began trafficking cocaine. In 1987, authorities arrested me. After a jury trial, a federal judge sentenced me to serve a 45-year sentence. I started that journey inside high-security prisons.

While in prison, I learned lessons to transform my life.

After 9,500 days, I concluded my journey through prison. I began creating programs to help other people in prison recalibrate.

Michael Tausek brought our Straight-A Guide program into the state of Maine’s high-security prison system.

Then, when Michael transitioned to the New York City Department of Corrections, he brought our Straight-A Guide Program to prisoners in the city’s system—including Riker’s Island.

We’re grateful to Michael Tausek for allowing us to contribute.

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