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Our team strives to help business owners avoid government investigations and criminal prosecutions.

We Did the Time

When we connect with business owners, we’ve got a slogan: We did the time so you don’t have to.

Our team of talented professionals, accessible through the link below, show how we can give business owners the tools they need to minimize their exposure to government investigations or criminal prosecutions. On the other hand, if a business owner or professional is in trouble, we can help.

Our team includes people with unmatched depth and breadth of experience:

  • People with advanced degrees from the best universities, including Harvard Business School, Columbia Law School, the University of Pennsylvania
  • People that once worked as lawyers
  • People that once worked as physicians
  • People that once ran securities firms and hedge funds
  • People that once led enormously successful businesses

The Common Thread?

Every person on our team once went through a government investigation. Some of those people faced criminal charges as a result of their decisions; in some cases, they went to prison as a result of the way that they responded to a government investigation.

We offer insight from a practical, rather than theoretical perspective. Think of it this way:

We did the time, so you don’t have to!

If you’re striving to protect your business, your assets, your reputation, and your liberty, contact our team today. We offer practical guidance and build specialized tools to help you grow.

Onboarding Program

With our Onboarding Program, our experts will work closely with your leadership team. By auditing your team’s business practices:

  • We could show you areas where you may be vulnerable, even though you may not know it;
  • We could collaborate to create policies and training modules to show that you’re in compliance with all regulatory agencies;
  • We could work on mitigation strategies in the event that you’re vulnerable to a government investigation;
  • We could create processes to help your team communicate your value proposition better to your customers.

The onboarding process would conclude with recommendations. We would also provide you with a scope of work of how to implement the compliance training. At minimum, your company would have a training tool to show that you’re working to stay in compliance with all regulatory agencies. 

By investing in compliance training, your firm may qualify for leniency, deferred-prosecution agreements, or non-prosecution agreements, as the DOJ indicates on its website:

By investing in our onboarding program, you would be taking a precautionary measure to protect your team and your assets. If you don’t know what you don’t know, you’re vulnerable.

As an example, look at the following case:

In the case above, an employee observed wrongdoing. Rather than working with her employer to fix the problem, she relied upon a whistleblower law that led to a government investigation. The government incentivizes such behavior, as evidenced by the $480,000 reward for the employee.

Would One of Your Employees Turn You In for $500,000?

Sadly, many business owners violate regulatory laws without having any intent, and sometimes, without any knowledge. Such problems can lead to costly government investigations, and many times, criminal prosecutions. 

It’s best to invest in risk management and compliance training early to get peace of mind. Our programs will profile countless people that didn’t take such measures. As a result, many of the people we know lost millions of dollars, lost their liberty, and many times, they lost their family.

Don’t allow ignorance of the law to make you vulnerable to a government investigation.


Our onboarding program will bring you new perspectives. Rather than hiring a law firm that has theoretical knowledge, our team of experts will provide you with practical applications that you can begin using immediately. You can use the tools we customize for your business to train all new hires, and we can provide you with ongoing information to show your continuing investment in compliance.

This investment could help your company:

  • Save money that could go to law firms for potential costly government investigations,
  • Make money by creating better processes that you can use to communicate with prospective clients,
  • Protect you against the loss of your business, as a risk-mitigation tool, and potentially
  • Give you a new vertical that you could sell to your clients

Our entire team is convinced that you (and all businesses) should make this investment in our onboarding program. As you can see from some of the articles below, our nation’s commitment to “big government” is leading to more government investigations and more exposure to white-collar crime.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at some of the following articles:

Business leaders from across the world are vulnerable to government investigations. But if they implement compliance policies, those business leaders can take steps to work toward leniency or non-prosecution agreements.

Contact our team today by filling out the information below, checking government investigations. We will follow up immediately.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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