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  • Our team assists with sentencing and preparing for prison. We offer one-on-one consulting to assist with sentence-mitigation, preparing for sentencing, character-reference letters, preparing for prison and beyond. Hire our team to restore professional licenses and civil rights after a conviction. Use our digital lesson plans, books, and webinars.
  • We help people and organizations. We create digital products for prison systems and school districts. Ask for referrals from our current clients.

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  • Shon Hopwood

    Shon Hopwood is a lawyer and a professor of law at Georgetown law school. He overcame 10-years in prison and convictions for armed bank robberies. Learn how Shon’s expertise can help you get the best outcome and restore your professional career.

  • Michael Santos

    While serving 26 years in federal prisons, Michael Santos prepared to emerge successfully. He earned university degrees and authored books on our nation’s prison system. At San Francisco State University, he taught strategies to improve prisons.

  • Ann Marie Hopwood

    Ann Hopwood is a third-year law student. She oversees our client work toward sentence mitigation projects, alternative sentencing, downward departures from U.S. sentencing guidelines, post-conviction relief, and restoring professional licenses.

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About Prison


Meet the Prison Professors. Members of our team went through the system. They emerged successfully, with their dignity intact. We show how to get the best outcomes after criminal charges or any struggle.

What We Offer

We guide people and organizations as they face challenges. When clients face struggle, we plan, prioritize, and execute strategies that lead to the best outcome. Various sections of our website reveal our expertise. We prepare clients for sentencing hearings. We show clients how to restore professional careers and licenses after convictions. We prepare people for success.

  • Free Content

    Use our free content. Anyone can learn about sentencing, prison, and how to prepare for success after prison. Our user-generated prison reviews and calculators show what you can expect.

  • Client Consulting

    Hire our team if you’re facing a criminal charge. Our services include sentence-mitigation, preparation for prison, post-conviction relief, and restoration of careers after prison.

  • Digital Content, Training, Seminars

    We create digital content for prison systems, probation systems, school districts, organizations, and individuals. Learn from webinars, video lessons, eBooks, and live seminars or keynotes.

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Our team publishes regularly to help our readers understand prisons, sentencing strategies, and how to succeed after struggle.