For Justice-Impacted People

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For Justice-Impacted People

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If you’re justice-impacted, then you know the PROBLEMS:

  1. People do not understand our judicial system, our prison system, or the collateral consequences that follow an arrest.
  2. Lack of understanding leads more people into the system, with higher costs, and longer sentences.
  3. Longer sentences influence recurring cycles of failure and collateral consequences that include unemployment, homelessness.
  4. Recidivism rates show that the longer we expose people to corrections, the less likely people become to function in society.
  5. People don’t know how to prepare mitigation strategies for each stage of the journey.
  6. Without an understanding of the system, many justice-impacted people do not know how to architect an effective mitigation strategy.
  7. People serve longer sentences, and many people return to society less likely to function than when they began.
mitigation ecosystem

Our team at Prison Professors offers self-directed SOLUTIONS:

  • Free self-directed content to teach people how to advocate for themselves, at every stage of the journey, regardless of where they may be.
  • Free or low-cost books and courses people can use to learn from anywhere.
  • Learning materials to help prison administrators teach justice-impacted people how to create extraordinary and compelling adjustment strategies.
  • Low-cost membership to learn from our interactive community.
    Books / courses / audio files / video files to help administrators in jails and prisons.


 Get the outcomes you want 

If the judicial system has impacted you, you deserve all the resources possible to prepare for a better outcome—regardless of your ability to pay. Justice-impacted people need resources 1) before sentencing, 2) after sentencing, and 3) to advocate at every stage of the journey.  Invest time and energy to learn how to help yourself.


 To Show You How to Succeed 

Before Sentencing

  • Understanding Defense Attorneys
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • PSR Preparation
  • Sentencing Guidelines
  • Sentencing Preparations
  • Character Reference Letters

After Sentencing

  • Understanding Prison
  • Preparing for Self-advocacy
  • First Step Act
  • Extraordinary & Compelling
  • Early Release Mechanisms
  • Supervised Release
  • Tools, tactics, & resources

Advocacy News

  • Supervised Release
  • Success After Prison
  • Home Confinement
  • Collateral Consequences
  • Building Support
  • Travel and Finance
  • Restoring Reputations


"We never ask anyone to do anything we didn't do"

Earning Freedom

Download free digital book or audio files. Get strategies that empowered me through 9,500 days in prison. Restore your confidence.

Prison! My 8,344th Day

Download free digital book or audio files. Learn the strategies that kept me growing through a typical day in prison during my 23rd year.

Books and Self-Help Courses

Learn to Help Yourself:

Prison Professors Books

 Our Nonprofit Deck 

 Making an Impact 

The Prison Professors Charitable Corporation exists to improve outcomes for all justice-impacted people. Click the link below to learn more about our origins, and about the steps we’re taking to make a bigger impact in response to the collateral consequences of mass incarceration. We create free and low-cost resources to teach justice-impacted people how to teach themselves.

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