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 Mitigation for Trump 

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Sentence Mitigation for President Trump

Preparing Sentence Mitigation Strategies for Trump may be a challenge. But it’s not a challenge for someone without his backstory. Still, what should he consider?

With numerous government investigations focusing on former President Trump, he ought to begin architecting a sentence mitigation strategy.

The idea of putting together a sentence mitigation strategy may be anathema to President Trump. He has been a fighter. In business, being resolute in beliefs can serve a person’s interest. When confronting criminal charges, on the other hand, the stakes are much higher. Besides money being on the line, a person’s liberty is at stake.

A good sentence mitigation strategy would work for anyone—including a former president.

What is a good sentence-mitigation strategy?

We get an answer to such questions by listening to federal judges. In the video clip above, we offer a clip from two federal judges. Readers can get the full wisdom from those two federal judges by listening to the videos on our playlist:

We’ve interviewed more than 20 federal judges. Two of those judges appeared on camara with us. Any person that feels troubled by a government investigation or criminal probe should—at the very least—listen to what those judges told us.

A few articles may prove helpful:

We’ve even interviewed for US Attorneys, line prosecutors, and government attorneys. All of those professionals have told us the importance they place on prevailing. They will bring the more serious charges that they can possibly prove. And in the messiness of litigation, they will use all of the tools at their disposal.

Sentence Mitigation

An individual should contemplate the tactics that prosecutors will use. A person may hire top-tier criminal defense lawyers, yet the individual should use all of his or her critical thinking skills.

  • What steps can the person take to prove worthy of leniency?
  • What seeds can the person sow today to demonstrate good character?

When contemplating responses to such questions, remember the audience. For those facing a sentencing hearing, a mitigation strategy is an audience of one—the sentencing judge.

Sentence mitigation strategies should tell a great story on why the person merits leniency, or a favorable ruling, at different stages of the journey. The graphic to the left offers several different opportunities for self-advocacy.

Think of the appropriate strategy for each of those stages.

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