Lesson 30: Prison Professors Talent, Case Study on Digital Economy 

Prison Professors Masterclass Digital Economy: Lesson 30 - Prison Professors Talent

Empower your future with our digital economy course for those in prison, focusing on blockchain, digital publishing, and personal growth strategies. #DigitalEconomyEducation #ReentrySuccess #InnovationBehindBars

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Case Study on Digital Economy

As with our introductory course, Preparing for Success after Prison, we stick with our motto of never asking anyone to do anything that we’re not doing. That includes building a digital product. While preparing to release this lesson, we’re going to build an entire suite of products as follows:

  • Audio book
  • Digital book for Kindle
  • PDF lesson plans for people in prison who do not have access to digital programs
  • Digital lessons for our partners at EDOVO
  • Softcover workbook available for purchase on Amazon
  • Non Fungible Token
  • Tweets for each lesson
  • Social posts for each lesson
  • Digital Marketing Campaign

Combined, these efforts will become a resource for our advocacy efforts. We’re striving to persuade stakeholders to modify policies that will incentivize those who pursue excellence. Specifically, we want to persuade stakeholders to:

  • Authorize more incentives that will allow people to work toward higher levels of liberty through merit.
  • Introduce work-release programs for people who develop solid release plans and show their commitment to living as law-abiding, contributing citizens.
  • Open channels for people in prison to memorialize their journeys, so they can more easily advocate for themselves as they strive to recalibrate and succeed upon release.

To accomplish those goals, we need to spread awareness about people inside who are working to prepare for success upon release. For that reason, our nonprofit has been building a platform that we call: PrisonProfessorsTalent.com.

Like LinkedIn, PrisonProfessorsTalent.com allows people in prison to showcase the ways that they’ve used time in prison to prepare for success upon release. We’re fortunate to have a dedicated team that will populate profiles at PrisonProfessorsTalent.

When people showcase how hard they work to prepare for law-abiding, contributing lives upon release, we build resources that allow us to:

  • Persuade stakeholders to see the value of incentivizing a pursuit of excellence.
  • Persuade legislators to see the value of expanding the First Step Act so that time credits apply to all people in federal prison.
  • Persuade state and federal stakeholders on the importance of expanding work-release programs.
  • Persuade citizens on the reasons why we should reform laws that have led the United States to incarcerate more people per capita than any other nation.

We’re inviting participants to join these mutually-beneficial advocacy efforts. We believe they work on a macro level, and on a micro level.

Micro Level:

  • Each individual who uses PrisonProfessorTalent to memorialize the ways that he or she is using time in prison to prepare for success, the individual builds an asset that will prove valuable in the digital economy. It would be easy to use this resource to open job opportunities, or to create assets that can convert into an income stream through digital publishing.

Macro Level:

  • If PrisonProfessorsTalent could feature 10,000 active users, more people would become aware of the need for reforms that allow people to work toward earning freedom through merit. Such programs would allow more people to emerge from prison with their dignity intact, and with more opportunities to thrive–regardless of the job market.

In lessons to follow, we’ll continue offering more insight on the digital economy. Those lesson will include examples of people who use the digital economy to thrive, and they will offer insight on how asset values change over time. 

We encourage participants to record their progress by sharing what they’ve been learning on personal profiles that they build.


On Tuesday afternoon, February 27, coinbase Exchange showed Bitcoin in 2024, at 1:02 am, the Coin valued at $57,015.0

  • Total investment in BTC: $192,202.76.
  • Total holdings: 4 BTC
  • Total value: $228,0624.80
  • Gain or Loss: $35,860.04

The value of my holdings surpassed the total amount that I had paid by $35,860.04 since I began investing in cryptocurrency, on January 31, 2024.

Separately, I purchased 1 ETH. It was valued at $2,954.74 and Coinbase charged me a fee of $66.48. My total investment: $3,021.22. Value of ETH at end of day: $3,254.83

Accompanying Video Lesson: Prison Professors Talent, Case Study on Digital Economy

Critical Thinking Questions:

  1. In what ways have you shown that you’ve developed an extraordinary and compelling adjustment strategy through prison?
  2. How will stakeholders know that you’re a worthy candidate for the highest level of liberty, at the soonest possible time?
  3. What strategy have you implemented to build support that will help you transition into society successfully?

Advocacy Initiative:

Prison Professors encourages the exploration of blockchain technology to create positive social changes, such as improved access to education. We invite you to be a part of our initiative by documenting all that you’re learning through our MasterClass on the Digital Economy.

Please share your story and responses through the manner that works best for you:

  1. Send through email to [email protected]
    • Subject line: Digital Economy Course
  2. Send through regular mail:
    • Prison Professors
      ℅ Digital Economy Course
      32565 Golden Lantern, Suite B-1026
      Dana Point, CA 92629
  3. Send through Edobo Tablets
    • Prison Professors
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