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Transforming Lives Behind Bars:
My Journey and Our Mission

My name is Michael Santos, and my life’s work is rooted in a journey that began on August 11, 1987 – the day of my arrest. It was a path spawned by a reckless adolescence but radically transformed within the confines of a prison cell.  (Click to See Timeline)

In the solitude of confinement, I found inspiration in the stories of Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, and Socrates. Their wisdom guided me through 9,500 days of incarceration, teaching me invaluable lessons about resilience, purpose, and the power of self-education.

Tri-Part Strategy to Prepare for Success

While in prison, I developed a tri-part strategy that not only sustained me but also prepared me for a successful reentry into society:

    • I dedicated myself to continuous learning, understanding that knowledge is the foundation of transformation.

    • I committed to contributing to society in meaningful and measurable ways, proving that one’s past does not define their future.

    • I sought guidance from mentors and role models, learning the importance of support networks in personal growth and development.

This strategy not only allowed me to emerge from prison with purpose and direction but also led to incredible opportunities. Upon my release, San Francisco State University invited me to teach as a professor, and I simultaneously built several successful businesses.

Introducing Preparing for Success after Prison

Drawing from my experiences, I created the course “Preparing for Success after Prison.” This program embodies the lessons I learned and is designed to instill values-based, goal-oriented strategies in incarcerated individuals. Through this course, offered for “Time Credits” in the Federal Bureau of Prisons and California state prisons, we aim to.

  • Prepare participants for a successful reintegration into society.

  • Teach critical thinking and decision-making skills.

  • Instill a sense of hope and purpose.

Collaborate with Edovo Foundation and Prison Professors Charitable Corporation

In partnership with the Edovo Foundation and the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation, we offer Daily Journals. Each journal includes a daily lesson, encouraging participants to reflect on their choices and envision a path to success. Each lesson concludes with a question designed to foster critical thinking. We publish participants’ responses on their personal profiles, which they can use to demonstrate their growth and readiness for employment post-release.

Your Role in This Mission

As administrators, you have the power to bring about positive change in the lives of those within your institutions. By implementing our Daily Journal course, you can help cultivate an environment that encourages personal growth and prepares individuals for successful reintegration into society.

    • Join Us in This Transformative Journey

Edovo Foundation and Prison Professors Charitable Corporation

I invite you to join us in this mission to transform lives. For more information on how to implement our program in your facility, please contact me at [email protected]

Together, we can create a future where incarceration is not just a period of confinement, but a stepping stone to a brighter, more productive life.

Michael Santos
Founder, Prison Professors Charitable Corporation

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