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Don’t Break Rules in Prison

Learn the Disciplinary Code •    Visit:•    Click on Resourceso    Review Program Statement 5270 By understanding how the Bureau of Prisons processes disciplinary matters, individuals

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Sentence Mitigation Plans

Clients help their attorneys best by offering complete honesty, bringing as much detail about the offense as possible. Sadly, some people don’t get this message

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Advice Before Prison

This article will help people prepare for what happens after sentencing. For many, time in custody begins immediately after the sentencing hearing. For others, judges

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Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Does the justice really begin with a presumption of innocence? Sadly, people going through the system understand that a criminal charge brings fundamental changes. To

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What Options for Early Release?

This article addresses mechanisms for early release through the executive branch of government rather than the judicial system. Those mechanisms include: Good Time Credit: Avoiding

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