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Let’s start by paraphrasing a great basketball coach, who told us that everyone has the will to win, but not everyone has the will to prepare to win.

That same message goes for anyone going into the federal prison system. Almost every person that goes into prison tells us that he wants to get out at the soonest possible time and that he wants to go on to lead a productive life. 

As recidivism rates show, few people take the time to build a record that will show how they prepared. The links on this section of the Prison Professors App will offer strategies and tactics that any person can consider.

Who am I:

It’s reasonable that people may want to know who offers this information. My name is Michael Santos. I am a man who made bad decisions during the recklessness of youth. I sold cocaine. The jury convicted me after a lengthy trial, and a judge sentenced me to serve 45 years. While serving 9,500 days in prisons of every security level, I prepared for a triumphant return to society.

While incarcerated, I earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, published many books, married, and built business opportunities that generated more than $10 million in profitable revenues. 

How did that happen?

I prepared strategically. 

The following link provides app subscribers with the whole story. The digital book will show you every step of the journey.

014 Tactics for Success: 

For readers who want to build their strategies, the following links will provide more information to help:

The article below offers insight from a federal judge. When I interviewed federal judge Steven Bough, I asked him about the relationship between behavior in prison and the prospects for an earlier release date. At the start of a prison sentence, think strategically about how to sow seeds that can lead to a better outcome.


061 SAG Overview Lessons

While in my 23rd year of imprisonment, I wrote the Straight-A Guide. It shows the strategy and tactics that helped me prepare to emerge successfully. In a nutshell, the system requires a participant to:

1. Define success as the best possible outcome.

2. Create a plan that will lead to the best outcome.

3. Put priorities in place.

4. Develop tools, tactics, and resources,

5. Hold yourself accountable.

6. Be authentic.

7. Execute the plan daily.

Since this strategy helped every member of our team at Prison Professors, we encourage others to consider using the process—or developing one of their own.


068 Manuscripts

Publishing in prison can help a person build an “extraordinary and compelling” record that could benefit a person in myriad ways through the journey. Writing requires significant effort, but it’s a great way to overcome some of the challenges of confinement. Before beginning, learn more about BOP rules on publishing manuscripts. The following three articles offer guidance:




025 Mindset for Success

Develop more insight on the mindset of success and how that mindset can influence an adjustment through prison. We offer the following article to prompt ideas on how to restore a sense of confidence and dignity while serving a sentence:


039 Prison Lesson Samples

Create a series of lessons that will help you teach others. A person who lives in challenging circumstances can always grow stronger when he or she helps others. The following link will take you to a page we use to teach people in prison. This strategy may help our subscribers develop lessons to teach others, knowing that when we help others, we simultaneously help ourselves:


056 Top Ten Tips

Get our top-ten tips to prepare before surrendering to prison. It also includes links to ten different books to start a productive journey. We highly recommend that people create their plans before surrendering. The article below may help our members build their plans:


030 Female Prison

To help women that may find themselves in the unfortunate position of going to prison, we ask our team members to write about their experiences. Although our website includes many articles about female prisons, we thought our readers might appreciate this description of a lady that served her sentence in the federal prison in Dublin, California.


023 Disciplinary Infractions

People who want to successfully get through the prison journey should develop a thorough understanding of the disciplinary code. Although a person can control his or her behavior, that person may not be able to control others. By learning more about the disciplinary code, a person may minimize exposure to problems that could lengthen a stay in prison.


070 Early Release Options

The more a person knows about options for early release, the more effectively a person can prepare. The following article, last updated on April 30, 2022, offers the most current information we have.


062 Excellence

The story of Halim Flowers will inspire anyone. As a young man, a judge sentenced Halim to a life sentence. His behavior in prison and other factors led to Halim’s release. The preparations he made while serving his sentence led to a multi-million-dollar career. Halim’s story shows that people can always prepare for success, even amid struggle.


Need Answers to Your Questions?

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