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 Yankton Federal Prison Camp 

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Surrender to federal prison can bring anxiety. This video shows how to access a resource from the Bureau of Prisons that will offer a bit more insight into life at the Yankton Federal Prison Camp.

After reviewing the Handbook for Yankton camp, I saw that concept of “Good Time” may confuse people. Congress authorizes good time, not an individual prison. According to that law as it exists today, people in federal prison may earn up to 54 days per year in good time–provided the sentence is longer than one year. If the sentence is one year or less, people do not receive any good time.

The handbook confuses people, however, because it also refers to good time that existed in a previous era. People that were sentenced for crimes prior to November 1, 1987, received different levels of good time. Those sentencing laws do not apply to people that were convicted of crimes after November 1, 1987.

Anyone may download the handbook for people at the Yankton Federal Prison Camp by clicking the link below. Or, people can visit the BOP website to find a handbook for the prison where they will serve time.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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