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 White Collar Offenders Prepare for Prison 

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How Can A White Collar Offender Prepare for Prison?

If you’re charged with a white-collar crime, federal prison may be in your future. That wasn’t always the case. Yet over the past 20+ years, federal prosecutors have changed. They charge more people with white-collar crimes.

Federal sentencing guidelines come into play. Those guidelines add more severe penalties as loss amounts rise. When loss amounts rise over $10,000, prison can result.

At, our team offers products and services to help. Furthermore, we assist through every stage of the journey. Yet one-on-one consulting takes a lot of time. Moreoever, we don’t know anything about our clients when they hire us. It takes time to learn about how we can best help.

Many people cannot afford to hire us. With those people in mind, we offer free blogs and articles. Those blogs and articles teach people what to expect. If they need a lawyer, we can help. Perhaps they need to understand the ups and down of going to trial, we can help. Our articles show how a plea agreement will influence their future. We also provide articles to show all that follows a guilty plea. In addition, we explain the presentence investigation report. Our team can teach how to prepare for a lower sentence. Further, we show how to get out of prison early.

But we produce a lot of content. Sometimes it is too much to read.


Learn from our videos. Like our blogs and articles, you can learn a lot from our videos. We interview other people who have gone through the criminal justice system. They tell their stories. We feature people who made it through successfully. Shon Hopwood and I play an active role in policy reforms. Our work puts us in contact with many authority figures. Federal judges have hired us for training. Federal prosecutors purchase our programs. Federal probation officers have hired us for training. And defense attorneys hire us for training. Our free videos share what we’ve learned and viewers benefit from the videos.

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Some people may not have time to watch all of the videos. That’s why we’re starting a new audio page. Under Earning Freedom, I recorded more than 300 podcasts. Now I am recording a Prison Professor podcast. We will publish that content on our audio page first. It’s free.

Watch our audio page grow. I will add new content every week. Please feel free to talk with us. Ask us questions. I will check the box every day and respond. We’re hoping that others respond, too. Through this community, we create many voices. Some of those voices may disagree. Please try to be respectful.

Consume Content

We create content so people can learn.

The first audio program I offer is Earning Freedom. It’s not only for people who face charges for white collar crimes. It’s not only for first-time offenders. Anyone facing a criminal charge will benefit. Listen to Earning Freedom if you want an example. This book shows every aspect of the prison system. I wrote this book to teach others. I want people to see how to get the best outcome.

Shon Hopwood and I are authentic. Our stories offer many lessons on how to succeed. They’re not only lessons on how to succeed through the prison. They are lessons on how to overcome struggle.

Our About page offers some details. In the Earning Freedom audio clips, you will find an in-depth look into my journey. Later, I’ll create an audio book that Shon tells in his amazing best seller: Law man. Our audio clips are free!

Audio Clips While Driving

I invest a lot of time to create these audio clips. People can listen while they drive to work. People can listen while they lie in bed. People can listen and learn anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Later, I will publish these clips on the Prison Professor podcast. First, I want our visitors to have access. They appear on the website first. Then we will publish on our YouTube channel. Then we will release the audio clips to our iTunes account and to other podcast sites.

I record the audio clips of about 20 minutes. I hope that makes it easy to digest. You will notice that each clip begins the same. I record a one-minute intro. If you’re familiar with our work, skip the intro. It tells new listeners what Shon Hopwood and I do. Each clip ends with a 30-second ad, too.

To provide our free service, we generate revenues. Our audio clips show customers that we’re authentic. They see that we have an unmatched depth and breadth of insight. We give free content away to help. We create special content for clients. Our free content shows that we are for real.

Listen and Learn

What can white collar offenders learn by listening to Earning Freedom?

A lot!

In chapters one through four, I describe the first 12 months. Learn about the crime I committed. Learn about the mistakes I made when dealing with counsel. Learn about the costs of pleading not guilty. Learn about what can go wrong during a criminal trial. Learn about the presentence investigation report. Learn how the PSI or PSR influence the sentence. Learn how a sentence influences a designation.

In chapters five through nine, you will learn how to adjust in prison. What are the costs of each decision? If you face a white-collar crime, how will you prepare? If you cannot afford consulting, then learn by listening. Or you can read the text that I include with each audio clip.

Those audio clips will show how I reacted to challenges. In federal prison, people must expect to face challenges. Those challenges will come from other people. They will come from inmates. They will come from staff. They will come from losses at home. How will you respond?

20 Minutes For White Collar Offenders to Prepare

The 20-minute audio clips will give you insight. Listeners can use that insight to make better decisions.

In reality, we all face struggle in life. We all face challenges. My judge sentenced me to serve 45 years. The strategies that pushed me through that challenge can help you. In the audio clips, you will see how. You will learn the reasons behind my decisions. You will see how I overcame obstacles. The strategy helped me through prison. And the strategy helped me to succeed when I came home.

Shon Hopwood and I want you to succeed. If you face a criminal charge, we want you to have the best outcome. We want your family to have the best outcome. For that reason, we offer this free content in every format. You can read our blogs. You can read our articles. You can watch our videos. Now, you can listen to our audio offerings.

Most of all, remember that we are the prison professors. Our team can help you. If you face a white collar crime, listen and learn. If you face a sentencing hearing, read our case study. If you need to succeed after prison, follow our lead.

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