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 Training People in Prison on CRM Systems 

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Hi everyone, it’s Eli the intern here. Today I’ll be sharing another supplementary piece in reference to Prison Professors’ video: Training for ZOHO CRM Systems for Prison Professors Team. This article will look at the ways to implement the paramount skill of documentation that we discussed in the last article into the professional world.

Freedom is worth fighting for but not always the easiest to obtain, especially if you are fighting for it behind prison walls. To achieve it and become successful, you have to use your skills in a way that is understood and recognized by others. No one will acknowledge your progress if you cannot use their methods to document your journey. Once again, clear communication correlates to success. 

No one taught Michael Santos how to use modern technology or communicate well. He often discusses how he was a terrible student in high school and could not even write an email before he went into prison. Yet, he took initiatives behind bars which allowed him to curate freedom. A component of his success was that he comprehensively documented each step to others. After your gain the ability to accurately document the past, you can progress towards a better future. 

All the steps that Michael took to progress along his journey are available here.

Every company, organization, and system use distinct methods to track progress. ZOHO, for example, provides a feature on its software called “Projects,” which is used by Dell Computers and Stanford University alike. Thus for your life to progress in a company or the criminal justice system, you need to understand how these companies track progress. Understanding their metrics will allow you to appeal to stakeholders and align your goals with theirs. No one in a parole hearing will take your side and help you if you cannot show that you have progressed using a model they understand. No company will give you a raise if the way they measure progress shows you don’t deserve it. That is Michael created Prison Professors; by completing courses, you can show that you have, objectively, achieved goals in the pursuit of a better future, one that you earned. 

The underlying theme beneath progress and communication is transparency because transparency validates work. In fact, transparency validates everything. Think about it. If someone says that you did something even though you didn’t, how could you prove it without transparency? How could you communicate the true reality of any situation if you do not have documentation of it? For instance, Michael Santos often faces clients who demand refunds because they claim his program did not work for them. His transparent documentation, however, provides a clear standard of progress. Therefore, Michael can assess who, if any, deserve refunds. Truth is only available in the presence of information, and transparency ensures your truth does not get manipulated and that no one can ignore your growth. 

Everyone needs time to grow these skills, and the time you put in determines the results you get out. Even though the prison system does not provide opportunities and is detrimental to many futures, it does provide time. The primary punishment used against convicts is time. After all, prison sentences are sentences of time, where once anyone completes a certain amount of time behind bars, they can return to society. Although this method tries to punish, anyone in prison can use it to their advantage and advance towards their goals. Michael used some of his time in prison to write 1000 words a day. Even though he was not a strong writer before, the time he put in to improving himself allowed him to communicate his progress. Now, he is one of the most effective writers I know because he used time to his advantage, and so can you.

To use time effectively, however, you have to use critical thinking, which, in my opinion, is the most crucial aspect of this article. The “critical” aspect is that you always ask “why?” to even the most simple questions. Question everything and never accept answers that don’t account for every factor. That is thinking critically, and it allows you to understand concepts more in-depth than most people and discover advanced truths independently, all because you are never satisfied with simplicity. Essentially, you will be able to take control of your life because you will understand what variables influence all of us. 

If we combine critical thinking, transparency, description, and tracking progress, you will start to notice that you can take control of your future and earn the freedom that you want. This journey is never-ending, and you will face challenges and make mistakes. No obstacle will prove too large to overcome once you implement these strategies. Michael is evidence of that. 

Everyone here at Prison Professors believes in you, so believe in yourself. Use the time once thought of as a punishment and make it a resource. Progress towards your goals using communication and evidence so that others recognize them. If you understand why people act in certain ways and never settle for a simple answer, you can build your future.

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