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If you’re on a pathway to success, develop the right mindset. I had the mindset for success from the earliest days of my journey. The accomplishments I made in prison brought leaders into my circle of friends. One of those friends was Greg Reyes, the former CEO and Chairman of Brocade Communications. We became friends while Greg was with me in Taft. He was not a runner when he came in, but we ran several marathon distances together in prison.

When I concluded my sentence began building my career in society, an editor from Business Insider began to cover my work. She asked me to publish stories in the business magazine. As we conversed, she learned about my relationship with Greg, a billionaire investor and a friend of mine. That led to her publishing a story which you can access from the link below. You can also see other stories that I wrote for Business Insider by clicking the links.

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Need Answers to Your Questions?