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Court, Sentencing, or Prison?

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Section 1: Welcome to Prison Professors

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Section 3: Who Does Prison Professors Serve?

We help people who are looking for information or guidance on preparing for court, sentencing or prison. We also offer information that people can use if they want to help other people that are going through various aspects of the criminal justice system or civil investigations from government agencies.

Through our various platforms, including our website, our YouTube channel, our podcast, or our webinars, we offer specific information that is useful to people at specific stages. For example:

  • People Facing Government Investigations: If people learn that they’re a part of a civil investigation, we help them understand what other people have endured. They can take this information into their calculus to make better decisions for everyone on their team.


  • People Facing Court Proceedings That Could Lead to a Sanction: Whether a person is charged with a driving offense that could lead to a loss of a driver’s license, or a crime that could lead to a fine, probation, or imprisonment, the costs can be enormous. Every decision along the journey can have an enormous influence on that person’s future. Through the information we provide, people in the Prison Professors community can make more informed decisions. They can interact more effectively with attorneys. They can get a better understanding of how the process unfolds and actionable steps to work toward best outcomes. No one can change the past. But through the information we offer, participants in the Prison Professors community get the information they need to help them.


  • People Going into the Prison System: Many people go into the prison blindly, not knowing its structure, possibilities to grow, or how to work toward getting best outcomes. We help people understand the custody and classification system, as well as best practices to work toward the earliest possible release. Statistics show what happens to the vast majority of people that go into the prison system. The longer people spend in “corrections,” the less likely those people are to emerge successfully. At Prison Professors, we help people understand the system, the people it holds, and how to use time productively.


  • People Who Have Loved Ones in Jail or Prison: We offer courses and books that both teach and inspire people in prison. Some of the courses are interactive, designed that loved ones at home can work together with people in jail and prisons. To conform with jail and prison rules, we use Amazon as the delivery mechanism for the books and courses we offer. We publish in softcover, but we also have digital copies available for people that prefer to receive PDF versions. Some of the courses are web-based, because they include video tutorials. Please read the book or course descriptions carefully to get a full understanding of the products we create to teach and inspire people in jail or prison.


  • Administrators in Jails or Prisons Who Offer Educational or Reentry Programs: We offer a series of video-based courses to teach and inspire people in jail or prisons. Please visit our page for Institutions to learn more about our reentry programs. All programs include:


  • Entrance exam
  • Video tutorials
  • Written modules available as PDF or as softcover workbooks
  • Supplementary materials available through digital download
  • Exit exams


  • People Seeking Analysis or Commentary on Contemporary Events: If you’re curious about people going into the criminal justice system, or what happens after a judicial proceeding, we can help. We assist journalists seeking analysis of how the system operates or what transpires after criminal charge, sentencing, or prison term. We work with law firms seeking information or services to serve clients better. We collaborate with universities seeking content to help the academic community. Prison Professors is a great resource for many types of audiences seeking expertise on various aspects of the criminal justice system. Members of our team are available for in-person lectures, keynotes, workshops, webinars, or commentary on current events pertaining to the judicial or prison system.


Section 4: What is the History of Prison Professors?

My name is Michael Santos and I’m a person that learned about the judicial system, the prison system, and government investigations from extensive experience. Those experiences will prove beneficial to any of the people that Prison Professors strives to serve. Although I give a full history through my personal website at, I am happy to provide an abbreviated history below.

The accompanying infographic illustrates the lengthy journey, showing why our team is well qualified to help you.


I made bad decisions as a young man. By the time I turned 20, I began trafficking in cocaine. In 1987, when I was 23, DEA agents arrested me in response to a lengthy indictment. Authorities charged me with multiple counts of drug trafficking, exposing me to a lengthy prison term.


At the time of my arrest, more than anything, I wanted to get out. I didn’t spend much time thinking about the crime I committed. All I wanted was to get out of jail. I made bad decisions. I hired a defense attorney from Miami to represent me in a trial in Seattle. During the trial I lied on the witness stand, denying my culpability, exposing myself to a new criminal indictment for perjury.

Lesson Learned:

I made every bad decision a guilty person could make. I should have accepted responsibility, expressed remorse, and worked to reconcile with society. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that information until after a jury convicted me of every count. While locked in county jail, I learned lessons by reading philosophy. Those lessons changed my mindset and changed my life. I vowed to use every day going forward working to make amends, working on a three-part strategy: 1) Work to earn academic credentials; 2) Work to contribute to society in meaningful, measurable ways, and 3) Work to build a strong support network.

Sentence Imposed:

A federal judge sentenced me to a 45-year sentence. The sentencing laws in place at the time of conviction differ from the sentencing laws that exist today. With more allowances for “good-time” credit, I would conclude my sentence in 26 years, or 9,500 days—provided that authorities did not take any of the good-time credits during my term of imprisonment.


I served my sentence in prisons of every security level, starting in a high-security United States Penitentiary. Over time, I transitioned to lower-security levels, and then to minimum-security federal prison camps. While incarcerated, I earned an undergraduate degree from Mercer University and a master’s degree from Hofstra University. I published several books under my name, and I was a ghostwriter for more than a dozen books that I wrote for other people in prison.


While incarcerated I wrote all of the curricula for Prison Professors and other websites. I also launched and operated businesses. Revenues generated from my work allowed me to get married and support my wife while she pursued a degree in nursing. As a result of my adjustment, I emerged from prison after 26 years with my dignity intact, and with numerous income opportunities, I could use to launch a career in business, education, and investments.


On August 13, 2012, after 25 years of imprisonment, I transferred from the federal prison camp in Atwater to a halfway house in San Francisco. I concluded my final year of imprisonment in the halfway house and on home confinement. While serving that final year, I began building the business/investment career that would allow me to contribute to society while sustaining my wife and me. Simultaneously, San Francisco State University hired me to become a professor in the Criminal Justice Department.


After one year, in 2014, authorities in the Northern District of California moved to grant “early termination” of my term of Supervised Release. As a result of my “old-law, pre-guideline” conviction, we learned that I had an additional 19 years of parole to serve, which would be followed by an additional three-year term of special parole. During my second year of liberty, in 2015, the U.S. Parole Commission granted early termination of my parole term. And in my third year of liberty, in 2016, the U.S. Parole Commission granted early termination of my Special Parole term, concluding my obligation to the criminal justice system.

Prison Professors:

Prior to my release from prison, I began writing a series of books and lesson plans for the purpose of helping people that faced challenges with the criminal justice system. I developed a friendship with Justin Paperny, a man who served a sentence for a white-collar crime. Together we formed a partnership that would lead to a series of businesses. After his release, Justin launched a one-on-one consulting service and I continued writing content for a wider audience. After my release, I established Prison Professors and began selling digital courses to jails and prisons across America. Our clients include several state and federal prisons, exposing our work to more than 100,000 people every year. The website, YouTube channel, and podcast make our content available to consumers.

Investment Career:

The adjustment pattern through prison kept me on a pursuit of excellence. Despite returning to society with a 0-0-0 credit score, I set a goal of acquiring my first $1 million in assets within five years of my release. Through a combination of business ventures and a real estate acquisition strategy, I exceeded that goal. Within five years of the time I concluded my sentence, I controlled more than $5 million in assets and more than $3 million in equity.

Civil Litigation:

On July 31, 2018, my wife and I invested $1.4 million to become limited partners in an overseas real estate development project. We intended to build a new brand, called Prison to Paradise, showing the investment strategy that we used to create prosperity after the struggle of a lengthy prison term. The Federal Trade Commission sued the general partner of the real estate development, alleging that he had violated fair trade practices in different overseas land development. As a result of the FTC’s lawsuit against the developer, my investment was at risk. Along with the other limited investors, we launched a lawsuit against the general partner to recover our investment. Since the FTC considered the general partnership a “receivership entity,” the government agency demanded that we drop the lawsuit. On advice of counsel, we continued our lawsuit. The FTC retaliated by amending its complaint against the general partner. The FTC’s amended complaint alleged that since I had met the general partner while I was in prison, I either knew or should have known about the general partner’s misdeeds. To avoid the potential risk of a $140 million judgment, I agreed to settle—costing me the $5 million in assets, and $3 million in equity that I had accumulated since my release from prison. These are the collateral consequences of mass incarceration.


The lengthy journey has given me insight that would be of value to anyone facing a government investigation, a criminal charge, a judicial proceeding, a prison term, or a struggle of any kind. Along with our team at Prison Professors, we help individuals who want to pursue comprehensive advocacy programs to work toward the best possible outcomes. We follow a simple pattern:


  • Define success as the best possible outcome, given current circumstances.
  • Create a well-documented strategy to pursue success as we’ve defined it.
  • Create tools, tactics, and resources that we can use to execute our strategy.
  • Measure our progress with daily execution cycles.


Our team at Prison Professors is uniquely qualified to help individuals, law firms, institutions, and the media with its quest for information on how to get the best outcomes at various stages of any journey concerning government investigations or proceedings in the criminal justice system.

Prison Professors

Prison Professors, our education brand, provides digital content in the form of daily audio podcasts, YouTube videos, and blogs. We offer this information without charge to consumers. We also offer books and courses for both institutions and for consumers at reasonable rates. We offer do-it-yourself courses that consumers can use to begin working toward better outcomes, regardless of what stage of the journey they’re in.

White Collar Advice

White Collar Advice, our premier brand, offers one-on-one consulting for clients that want to work with our mitigation experts. Justin Paperny leads a team of highly-qualified writers, litigators, and consultants. Together, by working collaborate, they engineer a workable plan to help clients work toward a best-possible outcome through every stage of the proceeding. Pricing for one-on-one, personal-consulting agreements starts in the $3,000 range.

Don't let a Charge or Conviction Define Your Future

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Learn what you can start doing today to begin building a better life. Whether you have resources to hire our mitigation experts, or you don’t have any resources at all, you can start sowing seeds today that will lead to a better life for you, your family, and your community. We’ll help you get started with our podcasts or our YouTube channels, and our books. Visit our store to learn more.

What's on Your Podcast?

Our Prison Professors podcast is available on iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. We publish new content every day to help people understand more about how to prepare for court or sentencing. If prison is in your future, we feature content that will help you navigate your way through a prison term successfully, with your dignity intact. Please subscribe, and if you find it worthy, please rate and review our podcast. Subscribe to our podcast here.

What's on your YouTube Channel?

Our Prison Professors YouTube channel will teach you more about how to prepare for court or sentencing. You can also learn about the prison experience and how to prepare for success after prison. We also feature strategies that show how preparation in prison can lead to successful careers upon release. We produce new content every day. Subscribe to Prison Professors on YouTube here.

What does your Facebook page include?

Our Facebook page is about being resilient. We publish information to help people how to restore confidence and strength after a struggle. We show the work that members of our team are doing, and we invite others to follow along by documenting their experiences. Like us on Facebook here.

What do you offer for jails, prisons, and community-based organizations?

We create digital courses to help people in jails, prisons, and community-based organizations prepare for successful outcomes. Visit our “institution” page to learn more.





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