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 Speaking at Victorville Federal Correctional Complex 

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Michael Santos

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Victorville Federal Correctional Complex

Today I’m traveling to the Federal Correctional Complex, in Victorville. I’m scheduled to arrive at 7:00 am and I’ll spend a full day inside of the prison. My understanding is that I’ll present for inmates from 7:30 until 11:00. Then I’ll present for staff members from noon until 3:00 pm.

I welcome opportunities to visit federal and state prisons across the nation. During the holiday season, it’s especially meaningful to build hope for people in prison. I consider it my duty and responsibility to share how important it is to use time inside to prepare for better outcomes when they come home.

As a result of extensive lobbying efforts that our friend and partner, Shon Hopwood—and others, today I’ll be able to speak about a gift that applies to all people in federal prison. It’s the historic passage of the First Step Act. This new bill that recently passed the U.S. Senate brings changes that will prove meaningful toward improving outcomes of the nation’s criminal justice system. It will incentivize people in prison to work toward developing skills and credentials. Those skills and credentials will lead to more employment opportunities for them when they come home.

For many people, The First Step Act will lead to earlier release dates.

All citizens benefit when we pass laws that lead to better outcomes of our nation’s criminal justice system. Unfortunately, we still incarcerate more people per capita than any other nation on the planet. Policies and laws that govern our nation’s criminal justice system have extinguished hope. As a result, fewer people benefit from programs like those that our led to so many opportunities for those on our Prison Professors team.

The First Step Act brings me massive amounts of hope. I’m really enthusiastic about the opportunity to share that message with people in prison today.

Michael Santos

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