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Hi, my name is Taylor Evans and I am on the team with Prison Professors.

As you face and go through the most challenging times in your life, you must comprehend that no one will care more about your freedom more than you do. I do not care if you pay your attorney half a million dollars, you need to understand your attorney will sleep soundly at night because they are not facing the same consequences that you are.

In this video, Michael shares a similar perspective and takes it a step further to share with you that it is your responsibility to be the CEO of your own life when you are in this situation. One of the best qualities of a successful CEO is self-awareness.

Michael recommends that you create a SWOT analysis on yourself, a chart that you can use to help you strengthen your self-awareness. SWOT is broken down into

S- Strengths
W- Weaknesses
O- Opportunity
T- Threats

By applying a SWOT analysis, you will be able to understand what you can accomplish on your own or with your family or legal team, and what parts of your mitigation strategy you need to seek outside help with.

Take it from my personal journey, as you are battling for the most precious thing on this planet, your time and freedom, now is not the time to let your ego or some monetary investment get in the way of your goal, the most reduced sentence possible.
I will break this down with an example for clarification. Let’s say your goal is to reduce your sentence as much as possible. You have accomplished defining your values, creating your goals, and defining your action steps. One of your action steps is to create a riveting narrative to deliver to the FBI agent that arrested you, the judge, and the lawyer who will be prosecuting you. The challenge is that writing is not your strong suit.

If you are self-aware to understand that writing your own narrative could hinder your outcome of achieving success, then I applaud you. You are being authentic and not letting your pride and ego get in the way of achieving your ultimate goal of reducing your sentence. The next step is understanding how you find the right person to create, develop, and write this narrative for you.

A great first step would be to consult with your attorney and ask them about their writing abilities, ask to see some writing samples from past cases. If their writing has helped reduce past clients’ sentences then fantastic, you hired an exceptional attorney!

If this is something your attorney does not do or does not appear to have the ability you are looking for there are other options. Justin Paperny runs White Collar Advice, you can schedule a free phone consultation with him so he can understand your situation better and give you your next best steps.
The reason I promote Justin and our team at White Collar Advice or Prison Professors are, that we have authenticity because all our staff has been in your shoes before. We understand how you are feeling, we understand the uncertainty and how that affects your day-to-day mental well-being. Most importantly though is, we all make it our mission to help keep out as many people away from this wretched broken system as possible.

Authenticity comes through so many ways as you are going through this investigation, but from my experience is the people that have the strongest sense of authenticity tend to put themselves in the best position to achieve what success looks like to them.

I would encourage you to be 100 percent honest with yourself and complete a SWOT analysis and find a few people to help you complete a Johari’s Window about you, so you can have a better understanding of yourself from an outsider’s perspective so you can help yourself out in the long run of accomplishing your goals.

Need Answers to Your Questions?