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Hi my name is Taylor Evans and I am on the team with Prison Professors.

This is a unique video Michael created when he sat down with his sister to discuss her experience and relationship with Michael as he went through his 26-year prison sentence.

Michael is extremely lucky and blessed to have the support and love from his sister Julie and his family because going through this journey is very stressful and can be lonely. Support from your family, loved ones, and other people in your network can help conjure strength and hope for you to push forward. 

If I didn’t have the support of my family during my court case, incarceration, and my life to this day I would either be locked up or worse off I may have hurt myself. My family kept my spirits high when I was down, they helped me put together the mitigation strategy and legal team, and ultimately, they loved me and still accepted me as their son and brother. I cannot speak enough about how much their love and support still impacts me to this day.

In this video, Michael wants to get Julie’s perspective to share with his audience how a sibling can still support and love their family even though her brother was going through the legal system.

 Julie shares her support efforts when Michael wrote his first book in prison, Julie and her husband received a 20,000$ grant to distribute the book up in the pacific northwest. You can see through her facial expressions, that this was a long tumultuous journey for her and the rest of Michael’s family, but what is even more apparent is her love for her brother and her willingness to help him achieve his goals.

Julie also shares an interesting perspective when she says that she informed everyone she or Michael knew about the legal situation he was in. By her sharing this information with these people Michael had so much support from his peers and some of these peers were the people that helped him launch his brand and spread his message.

This is the most challenging time you will have to face and we cannot emphasize how important support and love from your family.

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