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 SAG-18-Skills Needed to Become Part of Prison Professors 

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Hi my name is Taylor Evans and I am on the team with Prison Professors.

Our team at Prison Professors share two characteristics that I believe separate our firm from our competition. First, every team member has experienced going through court, incarceration, and probation or parole, so we understand what you may be going through. More importantly, we share the common goal of helping the people we work with in achieving a better outcome from the criminal justice system. 

We sincerely care about our clients and want to make a personal impact in their journey to earning freedom. I can attest to this statement on a personal level. I was a former client of Michael Santos. We worked together on my journey post-incarceration and developed a good rapport. I took an opportunity to work with a “friend” with his consulting firm. After almost a year it became very apparent my “friend” did not care about me, except how much revenue I could generate from his firm. 

I reached out to Michael without any communication for over a year and he remembered exactly who I was in our first conversation. I have not experienced anything like that before. At first, I thought Michael was just telling me everything I wanted to hear, but then he asked me about my goals, and he challenges me on a personal level, and he holds me accountable. Some people may not like that, but I see this as a leader who truly cares about his people. He will do anything he can for the personal and professional development of his team.

 Our team is comprised of high-achieving individuals who have experienced a high level of success at some point in our lives. We hold ourselves to the highest of professional standards and will exhaust an extensive number of resources to provide the most clear-cut objective information for our clients.

Justin Paperny and Michael Santos care about this mission so much they develop hours of content daily. People do not understand the amount of time, effort, and creativity it takes to execute this every day. To take it to another level, most of the content we create is free and accessible to anyone who can watch YouTube.

Justin, Michael, and our team create content surrounding every component of a defendant’s legal journey, the pre-sentencing trial, incarceration, and life post-incarceration. There aren’t many topics that Michael and Justin don’t cover. One of my personal favorites are the interviews Michael conducts with current or former inmates who have applied our Straight-A Guide to their lives and to hear about their wins as a result of this process. We are here to inspire hope, we will never ask you to do anything we haven’t, and we are here to share with you that you are capable of overcoming almost all obstacles in your life. 

The skills a person needs to be a successful member on our team at Prison Professors are all surrounded by the person’s heart. How badly do you want to help people overcome one of the most difficult challenges they will face? What are you willing to do to deliver an objective answer to a client, even if you have to share the news that the client does not want to hear? How well do you take coaching and feedback?

This is not an easy job, but we believe it is a service that everyone who has to go to court has the right to access. We all live our lives as accountable humans who want to be productive members of society who can give back and atone for the mistakes we made. 

I am proud to be a member of Prison Professors and I am proud to learn from my teammates. Whatever we can do to help you out, trust and believe we will do whatever we can to help you achieve success.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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