We create digital lesson plans. If you’re an administrator of a school, prison, or agency that serves people from at-risk populations, consider resources from Prison Professors. We create digital products to teach people how to prepare for success through struggle. Our repeat clients include the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the California Department of Corrections, and the Orange County Department of Education.

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If you’re being prosecuted, learn steps that you can begin taking today to prepare for the best possible outcome. Shon Hopwood, one of our founding partners, is a professor of law at Georgetown Law School. Shon trained to understand the law while he served 10 years in federal prison. Upon his release, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recognized his brilliance. They granted Shon a full scholarship to attend the University of Washington Law School.

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At Prison Professors, we offer insight from a unique perspective. All prison professors emerged successfully after being prosecuted, after sentencing, and after prison. No one can match the depth and breadth of our experience. Click on the various links through this page to see how our digital products add value to prisons and schools. If you’re facing prosecution, sentencing, or prison, read how we can help you. If your organization needs a keynote speaker or trainer, contact us today.


When prosecutors charge someone with a crime, a sentencing hearing follows in 90% of the cases. With that in mind, what steps should you take to prepare. One option would be to outsource every decision to your attorney. Another is to invest the time, energy, and resources to grasp a better understanding of the sentencing process. What will follow? How will the presentence investigation report influence your sentence? In what ways will the judge apply the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines? Use our articles and posts to learn more about downward departures. Perhaps you can make an argument for a downward departure. For example, read more about aberrant behavior.

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Facing prison can be one of the most traumatic experiences in an individual’s life. At prison professors, we can help. All of our consultants mastered the prison experience, at every level. We work with clients to position them for the best possible outcome. Regardless of what issue you face, when it comes to prison, we have an unmatched depth and breadth of experience. We assist with prison placements. We assist in preparation for the Residential Drug Abuse Program that qualifies people for up to 12 months of early release. We assist people who want to transfer from one prison to another. We assist people need assistance after they’ve been sentenced to prison. Contact us for assistance if you or a loved one needs guidance for preparation of petitions for commutation of sentence, preparations for advanced placement in halfway houses or residential reentry centers, and preparation for the highest levels of liberty on supervised release. We prepare documents to terminate supervised release early, and we assist clients that need assistance with restoration of professional licenses.

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If you’re worried about what you should do before surrendering to prison, take action. Read our free content. This article will provide you with 10 tips. Consider each of those tips before surrendering to prison. Learn what you can do early on in the jounrey to get ready for the best possible outcome. You may anticipate challenges from the Bureau of Prisons. Still, you have the power within to prepare for success. These top-ten tips will help you get started. We encourage you to read through all of the free content available on Prison It will help.

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Both Shon Hopwood and Michael Santos, the founding partners of Prison Professors, are experienced keynote speakers. If you need a dynamic speaker that can provide a unique message about mass incarceration or overcoming struggle, contact us today. Clients have hired us to give keynote presentations and training seminars. Our past clients include government agencies, school districts, universities, community organizers, and corporate bodies. We offer training seminars in restorative justice, and we offer inspiring presentations on overcoming struggle. Our national practice will both teach and inspire your audience. Contact us today to learn how we can work within your budget and help your group achieve its objective. Click the link below to receive our brochure that includes links to sample presentations.

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