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 Questions Before Prison 

Michael Santos

Michael Santos

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Questions for From People Before Surrendering

I watched your Disciplinary video re: John getting sent to SHU for no PSR on file.  How can I ensure that I have a PSR on file prior to surrender?

  • As detailed in an interview I conducted with retired Warden Scott Finley, that isn’t a problem any longer. The BOP tied its computers directly to US Probation and US Marshals. The PSR now gets loaded into BOP folders upon entry.

How to get the best bed assignment?

  • Counselors assign bunks. Typically, when people surrender to prison, they go into a “receiving” area. At that time, they will have a

How do I get a bottom Bunk Pass?

Is it possible to accomplish both without seeming needy?

Sam mentioned something about sneakers vs. boots.  What’s the story with this?

Is CARES based off of net or gross at _________ FPC?

Does First Step Act reduce time under CARES?

If I’m released on CARES, can I continue to reduce my sentence on home confinement in any way or must I complete the full sentence?  Gross or net remaining after 15% reduction and ETC earned while inside?

What docs should I bring for central file? 

Driver’s License Copy

Social Security Card Copy

Birth Certificate Copy?


Doctor’s letter with conditions and Rx list

Optical Rx

Docs for me upon surrender with follow up by mail

Contact list,

Release plan


Dr’s Letter and Optical Rx if CO trashes

What contact information should I add to CORRLINKS for Earning Freedom?

How do I work on Release Plan in prison?

What does “attached by email” mean in the sample Release Plan?

How did Scott and you run blogs in prison?  I didn’t think there was any digital.

I’d like to take as many classes as possible, but for example, wouldn’t taking an anger management class make the Unit Team think that I have a previously undiscovered anger management problem?

Will you send me a journal so that I can document daily?

How will we be allowed to communicate upon my release?  My understanding is that felons cannot associate.

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