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Sequence 60

49-Gambler or Investor:

When we’re authentic, it’s easy to appreciate the blessings that have come our way. Living in gratitude brings more blessings, empowering others along the way.

Every day opens an opportunity for further growth and fulfillment. Masterminds plant seeds and they nurture gardens. Consider the metaphor. By enriching the soil, caring for plants, removing weeds, and caring for details, we allow gardens to thrive. 

Masterminds invest energy in building great gardens. They see the value of creating strong networks. To build more robust networks, they invest in others that prove worthy. Those investments bear fruit, bringing more value. People can show appreciation for blessings that come their way. They give time, energy, or resources, making their commitment to success full circle. They create more success for more people and live more fulfilling lives.

Map of Success:

Masterminds give us their map. Observe and learn from the principled approach to life that leaders show us. We see how to chart our course to success as we define success—with our values and goals. 

Arriving at our success begins with our preparation. Commit by following the map. Think of this concept as preparing for a transatlantic journey. Years may pass before we reach our destination. Yet, we know the value of the choices we make every day. Choices will either bring us closer or lead us farther away.

If we’re beginning our journey on the other side of the world and want to come home, we need to consult this map. The map helps us stay the course. We know that we’ll face storms of adversity along the way, but by staying the course, we also know that we will reach our destination. 

Each lesson has value, including this final lesson on “appreciation.”

Concept of Appreciation:

Struggles anywhere can lead to a culture of negativity. Negativity can pull a person under the current. At any given moment, storms threaten to sink spirits. Accept the principled path of masterminds to triumph over the pull that drags down so many. Use the strategy as a compass. To reach your destination, anticipate darkness. You’ll face rough seas, even hurricanes. Use the strategy as your map and your compass. The concepts will lead you to calmer seas and advance you along your course.

  • Stay true to the values by which you profess to live.
  • Always set short- and long-term goals.
  • Proceed with your 100% commitment to success.
  • Never lose sight of your aspiration.
  • Pursue aspiration as the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and the months into years.
  • Seize every opportunity for productive actions that align with your definition of success.
  • Your action steps will open further opportunities for growth.
  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Live transparently, inviting others to hold you accountable.
  • Keep your head in the game. 
  • Become aware of new and exciting ways to accelerate your progress. 
  • Others will become aware of your pursuit of excellence. They will invest in you.
  • Celebrate every achievement. 
  • Be authentic.
  • Express gratitude and appreciation for the blessings that come your way.
  • Invest in community renewal, helping those around you to reach their highest potential.

This strategy will influence:

  • The friends you choose,
  • The activities you pursue,
  • The mentors you bring into your life,
  • The way that people in authority treat you,
  • The gradual improvements in your living conditions,
  • The employment opportunities you open,
  • The language you use to communicate,
  • The time you devote to your fitness,
  • The books that you read,
  • The skills that you develop,
  • The relationship you build with your family and loved ones,
  • The resources you can draw upon,
  • The way that you use those resources,
  • The support network that believes in you,
  • Your access to credit and investors,
  • Your access to business opportunities,
  • Your reputation.

Gambler or Investor:

Living in struggle may influence your perspective. I encourage you to introspect. Consider whether you want to live as a gambler or as an investor. Either way, you make a choice. 

A gambler may play the odds and live by chance, while an investor thinks more strategically. An investor assesses the landscape and surroundings, then determines the best way to deploy resources. Both gamblers and investors have opportunities to win, but those who think strategically succeed at a far higher level.

The greatest gamblers operate more like investors and minimize chance by training to read signs and clues. They place their bets using a skill set that they develop over time. 

What factors influence their decisions? 

They look at every data point that comes their way. With sports betting, they want to know big-picture issues like weather patterns and soil conditions. They also want to know minute issues, like rosters and injury lists, and statistics of personal athletes. The more they know, the better they can place their bets.

Investors take the same approach, considering as many data points as possible when making decisions. They evaluate price-earnings multiples, and they look at year-over-year sales growth. Investors want insight into equity returns and assess the organization’s overall competency. Data points make investors more confident to put money on the line.

Whether you live as a gambler or an investor, make good decisions. Always acknowledge the stakes. With your life, liberty, and future at stake, take a big-picture view and assess what you can do now. Then set priorities that are consistent with your values and goals. Remember that the right decision at the wrong time is the wrong decision.

Big Picture Perspective:

The big-picture perspective for people in prison is ugly. Statistics show that seven out of every ten people in prison face challenges when they get out. They struggle to find employment and face challenges in finding permanent housing. Some have trouble with substance abuse. 

Strategies in this course helped me overcome my problems, and I’m convinced the techniques can help others. 

But each must decide.

We wish you success!


In what way does living in gratitude influence your prospects for success upon release.

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