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This course, Preparing for Success after Prison, is one of our cornerstone courses. We use a version of this course in every facility in the California Department of Corrections, and every federal prison in the North Central Region.

Lesson NumberLesson TitleURL
0Consent Form
1Values and Goals
2Attitude and Aspiration
3Action and Accountability
4Awareness and Authenticity
5Achievement and Appreciation
7Defining Success
8Super SMART Goals
9Developing the Right Attitude
10Aspiring to More
11Action and Purpose
12Personal Accountability
13Staying Aware
14Celebrating Achievements
15Appreciation and Authenticity
16Veni, Vidi, Vici
17Accountability for Growth
18Harnessing Ambition
19Effective Communication
20Unleashing Creativity
21Developing Critical Thinking
22Embracing Diligence
23Emotional Intelligence
24Cultivating Empathy
26Personal Excellence
27Goal Setting
28Gratitude and Appreciation
29Growth Mindset
30Integrity and Building Trust

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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