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 Michael “The Bounty” Hunter 

Michael Santos

Michael Santos

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We’re grateful to two-time Olympian, world-champion boxer, Michael “The Bounty Hunter” Hunter for taking time to share his inspiring story with the Prison Professors program.

Michael The Bounty Hunter Inspires Us:

We’re grateful to Michael “The Bounty Hunter” for taking time to speak with our audience at Prison Professors. For those who have access to social media, please support his work: Instagram: @MichaelBountyHunter and Twitter: @MichaelBountyHunterII.

We all can learn from the mindset of Michael Hunter, a two-time Olympian and professional prize fighter who is dominating opponents in the ring. He shows us that regardless of what challenges a person faces, by digging deep, by deploying discipline, a person can overcome struggle.

Michael never let Struggle get him down.

A policeman killed his father, a legendary fighter, when Michael was only 16 years old. The setback would be difficult for any child to endure. Rather than getting down, Michael grew stronger in honor of his father’s memory. He picked up his training with local gyms. Rather than complaining, Michael devoted himself to becoming the best athlete he could possibly become.

The boxing world took notice. He went through a process to qualify for the Olympic team. He represented the United States as an Olympian boxer in Beijing and in England. Then, at 24 years old, Michael became a professional fighter.

Despite the distinction Michael earned as an elite athlete, the professional fighting industry isn’t easy. While proving himself in the ring, Michael had to take odd jobs, such as moving furniture, to earn a living.

With a 100% commitment to his dream, Michael did everything necessary to grow into the best possible athlete he could become. He watched his diet. He trained hard. With discipline, perseverance, and grit, Michael advanced.

Michael the Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter Overcoming Odds

After four years of pushing himself to the limit, he got a break. It wasn’t an easy break. As a “B” fighter, he had to prove himself in the ring against people that, theoretically, outmatched him. Yet Michael “The Bounty Hunter” understood that when preparation meets opportunity, he could overcome. He went into debt, borrowing money so he could place a bet on himself. With 7-to-1 odds against him, Michael laid down $2,500 that he would prevail in the ring. He won with a knockout.

With that victory, more lucrative fights came his way.

Now, at 32 years old, Michael is on the way to becoming a world champion.

I’m immensely grateful to Brian Llamas, an extraordinary professional at Timeshare Compliance, for bringing Michael “The Bounty Hunter” to the Prison Professors program. Brian is a sales professional with the Pandora Marketing association of companies. He embodies all of the leadership principles that we learned from Michael Hunter.

Together, Brian Llamas and Michael Hunter, give us an example of what we can create if we believe in ourselves. The harder we work toward becoming the best that we can become, the more we prepare ourselves to overcome struggle.

If you’re living in challenging times now, consider how you can embody the principles we learned from Michael “The Bounty Hunter” Hunter, a world champion fighter and a role model for us all.

Thanks, again, to our sponsors for making this interview with @MichaelHunterII possible. Thanks to Timeshare Compliance and Pandora Marketing. Thanks to Brian Llamas, Rich Folk, and Bo Wilson. Special thanks to Michael “The Bounty Hunter” Hunter.

Takeaways from Michael The Bounty Hunter:

  • To succeed in life, don’t wait for others to change your life.
  • Define success, then create a pathway that lead to your dreams.
  • Fight through challenges with 100 percent commitment to success.
  • Don’t complain about obstacles.
  • Understand that you alone are responsible for your success.

Questions for You:

  1. In what ways do you embody the pursuit of excellence, as personified in the Michael Hunter story?
  2. Describe how challenges you’ve faced pushed you to invest more in your personal growth?
  3. What steps can you take today to begin prepare for the success you want to live in the days, months, and years ahead?

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