Lower Prison Sentences 

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Lower Prison Sentences

How to Get a Lower Sentence

Do You Worry About Sentencing?

Scroll beneath the arrow to take a seven-question assessment. Learn steps you can take to prepare for leniency at sentencing. Click “Get Started” and hit enter.

I’m Michael Santos, with Prison Professors. I didn’t know how to prepare before sentencing. Instead, I trusted my defense attorney to make all preparations. In my case, that was a bad decision. My judge sentenced me to a much longer term than I should have received.

Don’t make that mistake.

Get resources to prepare yourself for leniency at sentencing.

Learn from our Interview with a U.S. District Court Judge

Get Resources to Help You Prepare:

Watch video interviews I did with federal judges. Those judges validate what you’ll learn from our team.

When it comes to preparing for leniency at sentencing, no one has more influence than you. Learn steps you can start taking to prepare for leniency.

Another judge validates lessons our team offers people can use to prepare for leniency

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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