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Understand The First Step Act

To learn more about The First Step Act, take a look at the first in a series of articles our team has begun to write by clicking the following link;

This legislation will work wonders for people in federal prison. The new law that President signed incentivizes people in prison to begin pursuing a pathway to excellence. How does the law incentivize them? Here are some examples:

  • People who participate in programs will be able to access more access to the telephone system.
  • People who participate in programs will be able to communicate more with family through email systems.
  • People who participate in programs will be able to visit more frequently.
  • People who participate in programs will be able to serve their sentences in prisons that are closer to home.
  • People in federal prison will receive more good time than people received prior to the passage of The First Step Act.
  • The First step Act forbids officials from chaining pregnant women to their beds during child birth.
  • The First Step Act restricts punishments placed on juveniles.
  • The First Step Act authorizes hundreds of millions of dollars for prison officials to invest in programs that improve outcomes of America’s federal prison system

Those benefits will benefit all American citizens for reasons that we’ll explain in a series of articles on The First Step Act.

Besides those benefits, however, some people in prison can work toward getting out of prison earlier. That’s a big deal!

Learn More About The First Step Act

Learn How The First Step Act Benefits You

At Prison Professors, our team is extremely optimistic about The First Step Act. Our partner, Shon Hopwood, was instrumental in lobbying for the benefits that this law would bring to all American citizens. By encouraging more people in prison to participate in positive programming, we build safer communities. We want to do our part to help!

For the past several years, Prison Professors has developed programs that prison administrators use to inspire and educate people in prison. More than 100,000 people every year go through Prison Professors programs. Our current clients include:

  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • The California Department of Corrections
  • The New York City Department of Corrections

We visit prisons across the United States with hopes of helping more people in prison prepare for success. With the passage of The First Step Act, we will see more opportunities to incentivize a pursuit a pursuit of excellence. Indeed, in time, people in prison who participate in programs like those that Prison Professors offers will be eligible to get out of prison earlier.

We’re very excited about these prospects of growing the Prison Professors program, and we look forward to working with more federal prisons in the months and years to come!

Michael Santos

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