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Michael Santos

I’m very grateful to our team. Many of them are formerly incarcerated people striving to help people inside. While they do their best to keep our Prison Professors’ Talent running, it’s important to realize who we are. We’re people who served time in prison. Since getting out, we have remained committed to advocacy and striving to prepare people for success.

Just as it’s challenging to serve time, it’s also challenging to work toward the reforms for which we’re advocating. 

Believe it or not, some people do not want to see the changes for which we advocate. When we meet challenges, we have to adjust.

It’s going to take a lot of effort to build support for the type of changes we want to see, including:

  • Work release programs,
  • Furloughs,
  • And more access for all to incentives that lead to increasing levels of liberty.

We built Prison Professors Talent as a resource for two reasons: 1) To assist people who want to memorialize the efforts they’re making to prepare for success upon release, and 2) To advance our advocacy efforts.

If we can show more people documenting the steps they’re making to prepare for success upon release, we build more persuasive stories. It’s a grassroots effort that my company is funding. Other people who share our mission also support the effort. It’s our goal to make sure that people in prison do not have to pay for this service. 

Currently, we have 250+ people who built profiles on Prison Professors Talent. To answer questions, anyone can build a profile. People in prison do not pay anything for this service. In our book: Release Plans 2024, we offer visuals on how the website functions. 

To build a profile, please do the following:

Send a Corrlinks Invite to the following address: [email protected]. If a mailing address is necessary, please our mailing address: 32565 Golden Lantern Street, BN-1026 / Dana Point, CA 92629.

Our Interns will retrieve the emails and build the profiles. I encourage people to do the following:

  • Step 1: Write a simple biography.
  • Step 2: Write a journal.
  • Step 3: Write book reports.
  • Step 4: Write a release plan

With funding from our nonprofit, we’ve sent out more than 500 release plan workbooks to people in our community. We hope you can find a Release Plan 2024 Workbook in your library. If you have not found a Release Plan Workbook, please send a request to our interns. If we have resources, our interns will send you a Release Plan 2024.

We hope that you continue working to develop your profile. I encourage you to write frequently. That strategy made all the difference for me, and I know it can make a difference for others.

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