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 Friday, December 1, 2023: The Wellness Way 

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The Wellness Way: Prioritizing Health for Holistic Success

In the challenging journey of life, especially after incarceration, prioritizing health – both mental and physical – is crucial for holistic success. At Prison Professors Talent, we’ve seen the transformative power of wellness in the lives of those who have faced and overcome the challenges of reentry. Our course, “Preparing for Success after Prison,” emphasizes the importance of wellness as a cornerstone for a successful life post-release.

The Story of Adam Clausen: A Testament to Wellness and Success

Consider Adam, a person who once served a sentence of 213 years at USP Allenwood and FCI McKean. Adam is now free. His extraordinary and compelling adjustment led his federal judge to grant his request for compassionate release. I feature Adam’s story on the home page of our website with hopes that it will inspire others, including readers of this article.

Adam’s life before prison was fraught with challenges. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, struggling with substance abuse, and eventually finding himself incarcerated, Adam’s early life was a battle against seemingly insurmountable odds.

While in prison, Adam realized that to change his life, he needed to start with his health. He began with small steps – exercising in his cell, reading books on nutrition and mental wellness, and practicing mindfulness and meditation. These habits, cultivated in the confines of his cell, became the foundation upon which he built his new life.

Upon release, Adam faced the typical hurdles of reentry: finding employment, rebuilding relationships, and reintegrating into society. However, his commitment to wellness gave him an edge. He had developed discipline, a positive mindset, and a healthy body – all of which proved invaluable in his journey.

Adam’s Post-Release Achievements:

  1.  Starting a Fitness Business:
    • Using his knowledge and experience, John started a fitness training business, helping others achieve their health goals. His business also became a platform for mentoring those who struggled with issues similar to what he had faced.
  2. Community Wellness Programs:
    • Adam initiated wellness programs in his community, focusing on physical fitness, nutrition education, and mental health awareness. These programs not only helped others but also strengthened his own commitment to wellness.
  3. Advocacy and Speaking Engagements:
    • Adam became a sought-after speaker, sharing his story and the importance of health and wellness in overcoming life’s challenges. His talks inspired many, showing that change is possible regardless of past circumstances.
  4. Adam and his wife Ro Clausen have celebrated more than five years since his release from prison. He is able to travel, build, and contribute. I enjoy profiling people like Adam, people who used time in prison to prepare for success after prison.

Your Invitation to Share and Learn:

We invite you to be part of this narrative of transformation. If you’re on a journey similar to Adam’s, or if you’re just starting, we encourage you to document your progress and share your story with us at [email protected]. Remember, if you include “Request a Book” in the subject line, we will donate a book from our resources to aid in your journey, provided our nonprofit has the resources available.

Join Our Course for Holistic Success:

In our course, “Preparing for Success after Prison,” we delve into the strategies and mindsets essential for a successful reentry, with a special focus on health and wellness. We believe in the power of a holistic approach to success, where physical and mental health are as important as any other aspect of reintegration.

Your story of wellness and success is waiting to be written. Let us be a part of your journey, providing guidance, resources, and support every step of the way.


Michael Santos

Founder, Prison Professors Talent

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