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Need Answers to Your Questions?

Learn from Experience:

If you want to emerge differently from this experience than the majority of people targeted by the criminal justice system, then start thinking about sentence mitigation. The data for most is troubling and conclusive: Those that fail to prepare endure continuing struggles that last well beyond a prison term and completion of federal probation.

Action-Oriented, People Want to Learn and Prepare for the Best Possible Outcome

Whether you just learned of your investigation, you’re getting ready to go to prison, or you are already home from prison, you can find valuable information through our free content. Learn from the experience of others and grow stronger every day.

Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
If you’ve owned a business or own a business and want to learn how a prison term or federal probation will influence your business, then learn from the lessons we offer. Participate in our interactive advocacy program to get the insight you need.

Family Members and Loved Ones
If you have a loved one in prison, you will get resources to help your loved one in prison and stay connected. We understand imprisonment is hard on family members and loved ones. Our advocacy program will help you through the journey.

Monthly Subscription
Our interactive advocacy program will provide you with responses to the questions you have. Learn from the experience of our mitigation experts. If you can’t afford the $45 monthly subscription fee, then take advantage of the free resources available through our YouTube channel.

Need Answers to Your Questions?

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