Interns at Prison Professors 

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The Prison Professors Charitable Trust, a California-based nonprofit entity, creates and distributes digital content. We strive to teach and inspire people that have some experience with the criminal justice system, with hopes of improving outcomes. We also provide jobs for formerly incarcerated people. This page will explain our need for interns.

Prison Professors Interns: Editor

We offer employment opportunities to people that have some experience with the criminal justice system. Specifically, we offer them writing jobs, encouraging them to write case studies we can use to help more people understand the criminal justice system.

Some of our writers need further guidance when it comes to style and professional writing standards. Specifically, they face challenges writing in active-construction. For example, consider the following sentences:

  • Active-voice sentence construction: John hit the ball. (subject-verb-object).
  • Passive-voice sentence construction: The ball was hit by John.

The active-voice sentence construction uses a strong verb, “hit.” The passive-voice construction uses a weak verb, “was hit.”

We need an editor to work through the case studies. They should feel confident in being able to spot passive-voice sentence construction. They should re-write the sentences so the project adheres to a professional style of writing, with use of strong verbs throughout, and minimal use of weak verbs (are, is, was, were).

Format of editing:

We need the editors to work in Microsoft Word, using the following features:

  • Step 0: Open Word document.
  • Step 1: Click on the “Review” tab of menu options.
  • Step 2: Find “Track Changes” and select to “On” position.
  • Step 3: Make certain to select “All Markup.”
  • Step 4: Work through the entire document, making edits as necessary.
    • Do not insert any “comments.” The editor should make the changes as appropriate.

Completing editing task:

After completing the editing task, please use following protocol:

  • Save the document with “Redline” in the file name.
  • Create a duplicate document
  • Save the duplicate document with “Finished” in the file name.
  • On the file with “Finished” in the name, accept all changes.
  • Read the finished document one more time to confirm we’ve corrected all typos. (If you need to make changes in the finished document, feel free to make those changes without a redline. There will not be a need for a second redline).
  • Save document.
  • Return both the “Redline” version and the “Finished” version to me through Email, at the following address: [email protected].

Our Next Steps:

Once we receive both your “Redline” version and the “Finished” version, our team will take next steps:

  • We will create a video reading of the Finished document.
  • We will publish the document on our websites.
  • We will publish the YouTube video on our websites.
  • We will use the “Redline” version as a teaching tool, helping more formerly incarcerated people learn how to write at a professional level.

Prison Professors Intern: Social Media

After we complete the written portion of the case study, we record both an audio and video file of the case study. We need to find interns that can assist us with social media. The social media intern should have the following skills:

  • Photo editing
  • Graphic design
  • Social media posting
  • Branding
  • Email marketing


As a non-profit with a small budget, we have a limited resources to pay interns. We have a limited number of paid internships available. The “paid” interns work as independent contractors, in accordance with California labor laws. We pay $15 an hour. If the university has an intern program that authorizes credit, we happily work to coordinate that arrangement with the university.

All interns can expect the following:

  • Work independently, setting own hours.
  • Work on personal computers, using personal software.
  • A letter of recommendation from our non-profit that interns may use a validation of work in a social enterprise.
  • A Google Drive folder where we record hours.
  • For paid interns, we pay every Friday.

We hope that students will consider joining the Prison Professors Charitable Corporation so we can improve outcomes for people that experience the criminal justice system.

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